Resources for Pre-Health Professions Students

Resources for Pre-Health Professions Students

Your Years at HPU: The Road to Health Profession School

Getting to graduate school in the health professions is a journey that starts in freshman year. No matter which profession is your goal, our Pre-Health Professions Program will help you attain it. The following Pathways will provide basic information about starting off on the right foot from your very first day at HPU. Regular contact with your academic advisor and the Pre-Health Professions Specialist will also help you stay on track. Good luck!



The Committee Interview Process and Letter for Pre-Med Students Information about letters of recommendation for pre-med students HPU Pre-Health Self-Assessment Worksheet Are you ready to apply to Health Professional School?


Assistance and Advising

We have a great team of faculty and staff dedicated to the success of our Pre-Health Professions students at HPU.  If you have a question or a problem, please don't hesitate to ask for direction or help! For questions about the Pre-Health Professions Program or for Career Planning Advice contact our Pre-Health Specialist Dr. Allison Bachlet. For other advising information, you can find your Natural Sciences academic advisor in the College of Natural and Computational Sciences section on HPU's Academic Advising page.


For questions about the Pre-Health Professions Program or for Career Planning Advice:

Allison Bachlet, Ph.D.

Pre-Health Professions Specialist
Office: HLC AC 206F
Phone: (808) 236-5826


For questions or problems with Individual Courses or with Academic Petitions:

Dr. Georgianna Martin

Georgianna Martin, Ph.D.

Natural Sciences Department Chair
Office: HLC AC 206C
Phone: (808) 544-0819