Hawaii Pacific University | Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

You can make life more efficient by creating innovative new apps and tools for mapping and directional guidance, video chatting, emailing, or even the next personal assistants (like Siri and Cortana)!  You can bring artists and audiences together – writers, musicians, and designers no longer need publishers, record labels, and galleries, thanks to the computer scientists who have devised clever new ways to bring their creations directly to the public via mp3s, Spotify, and Pinterest.  You can help people reach out to both close friends and the whole world by making the next StumbleUpon, Voxer, or maybe even a crowdsourcing platform like Kickstarter.  And for the science geeks among us, you can work on refining programs to better predict the weather or directing a rover to explore Mars. The only limit to this new technology is our collective imagination.

Our B.S. in Computer Science was recently ranked in College Values Online as one of the top 50 computer science degrees for international students! In good company between Seattle University (#48) and Georgetown University (#46), HPU’s computer science program is modeled after standards set forth by two prominent professional organizations, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Computer Science students are immersed in programming and logical thinking from their first semester and build upon their skills and knowledge as they advance through their degree. With a variety of electives, small class sizes, and honor societies & clubs every Computer Science student can earn a degree and each has a unique and enriching experience.

All HPU Engineering students will get hands-on experience in applying engineering concepts through several laboratories and project courses across all three programs in addition to a research thesis option for Electrical Engineering. While working toward a degree, each student is required to undertake twelve weeks of professional industry experience. In addition, there are opportunities to participate in robotics projects within the Robotics for Good Club, which has teams exploring Air, Land, Water, and Outreach. In the senior year, students will also have the option to study abroad during their fall semester.