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Our Pre-Health Professions Program is a formal mentoring and advising system that supports HPU students who are in pursuit of careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacy, physical therapy, chiropractic health, naturopathic medicine, or optometry. Students in our Pre-Health Professions Program may major in any discipline and still participate in the program. The program offers available and knowledgeable faculty and staff to provide career and academic advice, coordinate internship opportunities proactively track academic progress, and regularly review academic plans and career goals.

Although all majors are supported, most Pre-Health Professions students choose to major in Biology - Human and Health Sciences or Biochemistry. A Chemistry major also serves as an excellent choice and is recognized for its rigorous science preparation. The curriculum for each of these majors is characterized by a solid foundation in the physical, chemical, and biological sciences while enriched through general education courses in literature, history, humanities, and the social sciences. Each of these majors includes courses that are prerequisites for schools in the health professions, and our advisors will work with you to ensure you take all the required coursework for your chosen area of study. Many students pursuing other majors also choose to minor in Pre-Health/Medical Studies.


In the Department of Natural Sciences, our faculty members take great pride in quality undergraduate teaching and focus keenly on a science education that is clinically relevant and provides students with extensive training and critical thinking skills. This type of preparedness is also recognized by our faculty as critical to students’ eventual success when taking the highly competitive qualifying examinations for health professional schools (MCATDATOATPCAT, and GRE).


We offer rigorous courses in the disciplines required by health professional schools and the courses are taught in small classes by highly qualified and involved instructors.  Our faculty possess a wealth of experience in training and mentoring students through the process of entering medical and other health professional schools and have a growing involvement in research.  The faculty is proud that education guides and shapes the department’s research and scholarly pursuits. 

Pre-Health Professions Specialist

Dr. Allison Bachlet, Ph.D., N.D., works to support our Pre-Health students from freshmen orientation through their application process as HPU’s Pre-Health Professions Specialist.  Dr. Bachlet, who is a member of NAAHP (National Association of Advisors for Health Professions), is also a licensed Primary Care Physician in the State of Hawaii and an Adjunct Professor in our College of Natural Sciences.

Hawai‘i Pacific University

Located on the island of Oahu, Hawaii Pacific University is set in one of the best places in the world to live, work, and study. With students from more than 65 countries, HPU offers a rich learning community that enhances our students’ global perspective and cultural understanding.

  • Average class size of 25
  • Highly skilled faculty who consider teaching their primary responsibility
  • Academic mentoring by faculty members and professional staff, to help develop, strategize, and implement plans to achieve professional goals.
  • Committee Interview Process and Letter of Evaluation for qualifying students (a highly desired component of a health professional school application)
  • Ample undergraduate research opportunities in the biomedical sciences
  • Professional enrichment activities such as informational sessions, seminars, practice testing (e.g., MCAT’s), student clubs, honor societies and self-assessment activities.
  • Direct entry pathways for students interested in Physical Therapy, Pharmacy and Chiropractic Doctoral Programs

Professional schools value multi-talented applicants who possess strong and varied backgrounds in the sciences as well as the liberal arts. The successful medical school applicant may major in a core science discipline, or even a discipline outside of the sciences. The Pre-Medical Studies minor is an option for students who wish to distinguish themselves with a rigorous minor that further prepares them for the knowledge and skills that are required by medical schools and tested by the MCAT and other qualifying exams. A minor in Pre-Medical Studies will help prepare any student at HPU pursue a career in medicine or other healthcare professions.