Student Engagement

Student Engagement

Student Engagement Mission

The office of Student Engagement is dedicated to nurturing a safe and inclusive campus community by empowering students through leadership development, collaborative programming, and meaningful engagement opportunities that help build a sense of belonging at Hawaii Pacific University.

Student Engagement is committed to enhancing the overall educational experience for our students by providing resources, support, and guidance to our Student Leadership organizations. Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic environment where our students can thrive as leaders, engage in co-curricular activities, and contribute to the broader campus and local community.


Leadership Development Programs

Learning Outcomes: Student Leaders will enhance their leadership skills through workshops, training sessions and retreats, gaining the ability to lead diverse teams effectively and responsibly.

Student Leadership Support

Learning Outcomes: By offering resources, advising, and funding for student organizations, students learn organizational management, event planning, and budgeting skills, which are critical for personal and professional success.

Community Engagement and Service Learning

Learning Outcomes: Through internal collaboration with departments and colleges and with local organizations and service projects, student leaders will develop a sense of civic responsibility, empathy, and the ability to apply academic knowledge to real world problems.

Campus Events, Activities, and Workshops

Learning Outcomes: By planning and participating in campus events, students will improve their project management, confidence, communication, and teamwork skills while fostering an inclusive and vibrant community.

Student Leadership at HPU

The Office of Student Engagement supports leadership growth outside the classroom and plays a pivotal role in enriching the campus experience by overseeing a variety student organizations and activities designed to foster a a vibrant and inclusive community. The Office of Student Engagement manages the Campus Activity Board (CAB), which organizes a wide array of events to entertain, educate, and engage the student body, ranging from cultural celebrations, destress fest during final exam week, and various social gatherings. Additionally, the Student Government Association (SGA) provides a platform for students to voice their concerns and influence campus policies, ensuring their needs and ideas are represented in the university's decision- making process. Student Engagement also supports numerous Registered Student Organizations (RSO's), which cater to diverse interests and passions, from academic and professional development to hobbies and social causes.

The overarching goal of Student Engagement is to create a space for students to cultivate a dynamic campus environment where students can thrive both personally and academically, develop leadership skills, and build lasting connections to each other and Hawai'i Pacific University.

Student Leadership

The HPU Campus Activities Board is a student-led, student-driven organization whose mission is to enhance the student experience through quality entertainment, creative programming, and community involvement. The CAB Executive Board comprises a selective group of 10 students who serve one-year terms and plan events start-to-finish for the HPU community. CLICK HERE to read more about CAB and learn how you can get involved!

SGA is a student governing body that seeks to promote the general welfare of HPU students. SGA provides a platform for students to voice their concerns and influence campus policies, ensuring that their interests and ideas are represented in University decision-making processes. To learn more about SGA and how you can get involved, CLICK HERE.

RSOs are student-led organizations that pursue a diverse range of goals and interests. By creating, joining, or engaging with RSOs, you are taking a new level of ownership over your college journey. RSOs provide an opportunity to discover and develop your personal leadership skills and style; build a greater sense of community, belonging, and purpose for yourself and your peers; and design your own real world experiences beyond the classroom. To learn how to get involved with our RSO network, CLICK HERE.

Other Ways to Engage

The Office of Student Engagement offers a wide variety of ways to pursue multidimensional health and wellness. Sharky's Cove, our student center at Aloha Tower Marketplace, is equipped with various recreational amenities such as pool and ping-pong tables, board games, and a jukebox. In addition, as part of our Yin-Yang Weekend Wellness series, our team of Student Activities Ambassadors leads weekly on- and off-campus excursions. We even offer for-credit health and wellness courses to ensure that self-care makes it onto your calendar. To keep up-to-date with our health and wellness offerings, check your student email every Friday for the Sharky's Swells newsletter, or CLICK HERE for more information.


The council will serve as a representative body for all graduate and professional students, ensuring their voices are heard, their needs are addressed, and their ideas for meaningful engagement are developed and offered. More information coming soon!

Student Activity Fee

Funds from the Student Activity Fee (SAF) are allocated to organizations such as Campus Activities Board, Student Government Association, Registered Student Organizations, Student Activities and HPU departments to support student initiatives, activities, services, and resources that enhance the student experience at HPU.  We want students to take advantage of the many opportunities that will be available at HPU because of the Student Activity Fee. CLICK HERE to learn more about applying for funds!