Business Office

The Business Office provides students with assistance in the following areas:

  • Understanding the charges to their student account
  • Setting up payment plans online
  • Accepting and receipting payments online or in person
  • Placing and removing holds on student accounts for non-payment of balances
  • Processing stipend payments
  • Servicing Nursing and Perkins loans
  • Processing financial aid refunds once the Financial Aid Office has awarded aid to the students.

The Business Office is also responsible for the overall accounting, financial reporting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, fixed assets, and cash management for the University.

Student Account Notice

Spring 2018 TMS Plans are now available.  Visit  or Payment Plans for more details

October 2- Tuition and fee payments for Part of Term 8B classes are due.

October 22 - Last day to drop classes at 100% refund/0% student responsibility for Part of Term 8B classes.

October 30 - Last day to drop classes at 25% refund/75% student responsibility for Part of Term 8B classes.

November 27 - Tuiton and fee payments for Winter 2017 classes are due