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This concentration provides for the study of contemporary business management principles applicable to all occupations and organizations. A strong business administration core is augmented by a wide variety of management electives directed toward the student’s particular interests. Current issues and problems related to organizational environments and structures are introduced, with a strong emphasis on internal business management skills. The place, function, and effect of small business in the U.S. economy are examined. In order to meet the challenge of today and tomorrow, an exploration of the process of change in organizations, and models of innovation are studied. A systems approach to planning and decision-making, including the management processes, information support, and the evaluation of public relations are also examined.

Chantal Charbonnier and Her Scholarship Winning Experience at HPU

Not many teenagers can say they’ve had the opportunity to give a TED Talk and even fewer can say they’ve won a four year scholarship based in part on that talk, but Chantal Charbonnier can say she’s accomplished both. Charbonnier, majoring in Business Administration with a concentration in management, was awarded full tuition to HPU as a recipient of HPU’s Biz4Good scholarship in 2016. 

Within the few short months that she’s been at HPU, Charbonnier has created a lot of memories in and outside of the classroom. In the HPU Honors Program, she’s learning about topics like science fiction and its relationship to real-life science, something that she didn’t know much about before. Outside of the classroom, she’s been bonding with her peer mentor and even conquered Koko Head to watch the sunrise. When asked about some of her favorite things about HPU so far, she reflects and says there are so many. “I love the weather. The faculty are really nice and I love that they embody the Aloha spirit, because that’s something I take very seriously. I don’t regret coming to HPU.” 

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