Hawaii Pacific University | Management Concentration

Management Concentration

This concentration provides for the study of contemporary business management principles applicable to all occupations and organizations. A strong business administration core is augmented by a wide variety of management electives directed toward the student’s particular interests. 

Beginning in Fall, 2022, the Management concentration will include Hospitality and Tourism Management courses for students who want to pursue careers in service industries such as hotel, restaurant, and event management. Additionally, the concentration has courses in International Business and Human Resources.  This concentration is ideal for students pursuing managerial career opportunities in a variety of industries. 

Create your managerial career by enrolling in classes that interest you.  Mix and match courses in a variety of interesting areas like travel, international management, and human resources.  Design your managerial career at HPU!  

For students interested in pursuing hospitality, tourism, event planning, or small business as a career, the following courses are recommended:

  • Hotel & Resort Management (HTM 3110)
  • Food & Beverage Management (HTM 3210)
  • Special Events Management (HTM 3220)
  • Travel Industry Marketing (HTM 3610)
  • Special Events Planning (MC 3750)
  • Arts Entrepreneurship (ARTS 3000)