Academic and Professional

Academic and Professional

Currently Active RSOs

Accounting club

The Accounting Club aspires to maintain relationships with accounting professionals and companies that we have accumulated throughout the years at HPU. We also aspire to establish new relationships and provide opportunities for any individual(s) interested in accounting. We highly value the opportunity to meet students who share the same interest, as well as establish professional connections through the club.

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History club

The History Club aims to provide students with fun learning experiences, as well as to spread excitement about the history field. Here at HPU, the History Club works to provide a plethora of events in which students can actively engage in history, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the past, as well as the culture around them. This organization provides students with information regarding an entire career field, fun tours of historic sites, and the opportunity to get involved as caretakers of the past.

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The mission of HPU Undergraduate Infrastructure Student Research Center (HUI SRC) is to encourage students to become active in health-related undergraduate research, learn more about health-related research, and focus on health disparities within indigenous Pacific communities. This includes promoting students' sense of science identity, improving their readiness to lead research, and supporting their matriculation to research-oriented graduate programs and entry into the scientific workforce.

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Marine Science Club

The Marine Science Club will strive to give opportunities for students, especially those studying marine sciences, to volunteer with the community, engage with peers to increase excitement around marine topics and strengthen the community of students within HPU and the professional field.

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Multimedia Cinematic Production

The Multimedia Cinematic Production club's mission is to encourage students to use cinema and other multimedia platforms as an outlet for their creativity. We plan on hosting several movie discussion nights, as well as attending local events focusing on the art of film. We are a welcoming space for filmmakers, movie-lovers, and creatives alike to come together and talk story, where no idea is too big and every thought matters. Join us today!

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Neuroscience Club

The Neuroscience club strives to provide opportunities for students to develop and/or facilitate their own research related to the Neurological Field, approved by the Faculty Advisor, and be nationally certified to do so. We provide students with the opportunity to create connections within the research and HPU communities. We hope to educate students about the importance of mental health and aid students in performing well in courses by getting a better understanding of how the brain works!

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Pre-Health Club

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Psychology Club

The mission of Psychology Club is to serve the students, faculty, and the community. Our role within the community is to support and enhance the lives of students, by providing emotional and practical counseling for all students, as well as creating a fun, friendly environment for those who wish to expand their knowledge by meeting and working with other students. We welcome all students with an interest in psychology and hope to be an extension of the classroom with teaching students about psychology and mental health.

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Student Nurses' association

Hawai’i Pacific University’s Student Nurses’ Association (HPU SNA) strives to provide support to nursing students throughout their academic journey while promoting community involvement, leadership, and a sense of camaraderie amongst peers. HPU SNA is recognized on the state and national level, as it is a constituent of the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) and the Hawai’i SNA (HISNA). For years, HPU SNA has provided generous opportunities to foster professional development. We participate in numerous community service events, educational activities, and provide newsletter updates. We aim to create a smooth transition from pre-requisite classes to nursing school to working as a Registered Nurse!

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United Nations Club

The United Nations Club's mission is to promote cultural understanding and political awareness through critical thinking and hands-on experience to HPU students. HPU UN develops student skills in research, negotiation, public oration, advocacy, conflict resolution, and more! Most importantly, the United Nations Club creates global citizens, student leaders, and social change agents. Students are exposed to issues of global concern and are asked to role-play through the understanding of other countries on how to resolve the issues. On a yearly basis students are also given the opportunity to practice these skills and diplomacy through participation in a Model United Nations Conference, nationally or internationally.

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Previous Clubs

Listed below are past clubs that are no longer active. However, if you are interested in any of the following, you are more than welcome to re-register and revive the RSO during the next open registration period!

Our mission is to encourage chemistry related careers to students at HPU by providing networking opportunities with the Hawaii ACS chapter. The national ACS organization promotes the advancement of chemistry to improve quality of life, increase the chemistry industry as a whole, and to further benefit those in chemistry careers. As a club, we strive to follow a purpose of encouraging careers in STEM in the community.

The Association of Diplomacy and Military Studies aims at enriching the learning experience of HPU students from all majors through programming events, volunteering, and discussion forums related to history, diplomacy, military, and world affairs. Our club welcomes any student interested in learning more about these fields. Our previous programs have included roundtable discussions on global issues, movie nights, volunteering on USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor, and networking events to help students find appropriate internships and explore career options.

The Computer Club at HPU will benefit the community by showing the abilities of HPU students through the creation of projects. Currently we are both teaching and learning revolutionary marketable skills such as development, deployment, visioning, and marketing. Through the multitude of activities sponsored by us throughout the year, we will also learn and use 3D art and printing, machining, create iOS/Android apps, and more!

HPEC is a club for students from all walks of life and all interests! Our club serves as a place for students to work together to help the community through entrepreneurial endeavors and ultimately compete on a national level! There is a lot of flexibility as far as projects that the club commits to over the year and lots of welcome creativity and innovation. Come to our meetings, sometimes we have food!

The Public Health Club will work to spread awareness, knowledge, and enthusiasm about healthy living in the community. Our club plans to participate in employer networking, allowing our members to acquaint themselves with several employers around the island, and better familiarize themselves with qualities, skills, and experience necessary to be viable applicants for a job after graduating.

Members of the HPU Travel Industry Management Organization (TIMSO) sponsor and conduct activities and events that serve to benefit the community while enhancing the learning experiences of the students. These co-curricular career-related activities provide an interesting extension hoping to broaden the students’ overall career perspectives. TIMSO activities are educational, community service oriented, as well as recreational.

Upcoming Activities

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