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International Business

This concentration provides a strong foundation in the current issues and problems that international managers face. It is based on an analytical approach that is comparative in nature, and the orientation is toward practical applications. Global problems related to population, resources, energy, food, the environment, and other pertinent topics are also presented and discussed. A variety of international cultures are studied with particular attention given to values and consumer patterns in those cultures. Students will have the opportunity to analyze business activities across cultures, social and environmental consequences of location decisions, and the alternative use of resources. This concentration is based on an understanding of basic economic and business decision making.


Sage Bennett grew up in the Metro D.C. area—Silver Spring, Maryland, to be exact. An International Business major, Sage hopes to someday own a business or work for an international corporation that allows her to travel as well as tap into her creative side through digital marketing. Her favorite thing about HPU is how diverse our student population is: “Coming from a very diverse area, moving to Hawai`i and attending HPU was such a relief. There are so many students and staff from all over the world, and it is so refreshing.”

Sage was nominated and selected to be a student contributor to the eighth issue of Fresh Perspectives, an online anthology part of HPU's First-Year writing program.  The writing in Fresh Perspectives represents a diversity of voices, topics and perspectives.