Master of Science in Marine Science (Thesis)

Our established thesis track is a research-based program that emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning through the completion of an original thesis project under the direct mentorship of an experienced marine science researcher. The purpose of the T-track is to give students the opportunity to develop a strong foundation in research methodology. Individualized programs of study ensure that each student has the best possible preparation based on their interests, background, and abilities. MSMS-T students take core and elective courses while engaging in an intensive, independent research project. Students work side-by-side with a faculty mentor to discover or synthesize knowledge that contributes to the field of marine science.

In the first year, students will select a committee and complete a proposal for their thesis research topic. Research is conducted through the next year, culminating in an oral and written presentation and defense of a thesis. Full-time students should expect to take three courses per semester and finish in 4-6 semesters, depending on scope of the project and commitment of time.