Financial Aid Refunds



Financial Aid Refund Process

  1. Federal Financial Aid is deposited onto the student account by the Financial Aid Office.
  2. Each morning, the Grants and Federal Aid Loan Analyst identify students with credits on their account.
  3. The Grants and Federal Aid Loan Analyst will submit a request for a Financial Aid Refund to the Accounts Payable Department.
  4. The Accounts Payable Department will process the refund request. This processing time will take 2-3 business days.
  5. The checks will then be signed; this may take an additional 1-2 business days.
  6. Financial Aid Refund Checks are mailed to the MA (mailing address) as it appears in Pipeline.


Depending upon the amount of award, your Federal Student Financial Aid Award Package will cover the following current year charges: 

  • Tuition
  • Student Activity Fees
  • Technology Fees
  • Orientation Fees
  • On-Campus Housing Charges
  • On-Campus Meal Plan Charges

These types of charges are called Institutional Charges and are associated directly with taking a class. In some cases, your Federal Student Financial Aid Award Package may cover Non-Institutional Charges so long as you provide authorization to Hawaii Pacific University to use these funds (see Q3/A3).

Non-Institutional Charges are charges which are not directly related to taking a class. They include but are not limited to:

  • Prior-Term Balances
  • Parking Fees/Fines
  • Library Fees/Fines
  • Late Fees
  • Transportation/U-Pass Fee
  • Replacement ID Fees
  • Returned Item Fees
  • Transcript Fee
  • Add/Drop Fees
  • Testing Fees
  • Medical Insurance Fees
  • Copy Fees
  • Books

If authorization is provided and the student is eligible, the student can request a book voucher through the Financial Aid Department. The Financial Aid Department will notify the HPU Bookstore to authorize an amount not to exceed $600.00 per term in Federal Student Financial Aid Funds.

Please contact the Financial Aid Department for further information about this process.

Prior to accepting your Federal Student Financial Aid Award Package offered by the Financial Aid Office, you MUST answer two questions displayed on your Pipeline Account.

  1. Log into Pipeline and select “Accept Financial Aid” in your Quick Links.
  2. Choose the Academic Year in which you would like to accept the Federal Student Financial Aid Award
  3. Click on the tab “Resources/Additional Information” and indicate YES or NO to the question.

    AUTHORIZE: If you authorize the use of your Federal Student Financial Aid Award funds, the Non-Institutional Charges (see Q2) on your student account may be paid from your financial aid if those charges are on your account at the time your Aid Award is disbursed. Charges applied to your student account AFTER your Financial Aid is refunded are the student’s responsibility to pay.

    DO NOT AUTHORIZE: If you do not authorize the use of your Federal Student Financial Aid Award Funds, then Financial Aid Funds will only pay current institutional charges (see Q1). The non-institutional charges will be the student’s responsibility to pay. If the unpaid balance remains on your account, a Financial Hold will be placed on your account which may prevent you from registering, obtaining transcripts, or accessing grades.

    For more detailed information regarding authorization, please contact the Financial Aid Office (808.544.0253;

Under Federal law, Hawaii Pacific University must receive your authorization in order to cover prior year or non-institutional charges. This approval/denial is captured on the Pipeline form when the student answers the two questions (see the screenshot in Q3). Once these two questions are answered, you will be able to move forward with your Financial Aid Acceptance process.

Your authorization is specific to the Current Financial Aid Academic Year. Your authorization will remain in effect until you change one of your answers to the two questions on your Pipeline account, even during breaks in attendance, within the Current Financial Aid Year. Once you decline or rescind authorization, your Federal Student Financial Aid Funds cannot pay for Non-Institutional Charges retroactively.

Once a new Financial Aid Year begins, you will be requested to provide a new authorization by answering the two questions again.

Refund checks will be mailed to the Mailing Address as it appears on Pipeline. For your Refund Status, log into Pipeline and open “eBill + Pay Bill” under your Quick Links. When you see “Financial Aid Refund” has posted to your Current Activity, you can expect your check to be delivered to your Mailing Address within 10 business days of the posting.

An example of what you should see on your “eBill + Pay Bill” is included here:

ALL REFUND CHECKS WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE MAILED TO THE MAILING ADDRESS AS IT APPEARS ON PIPELINE. Because of the refund process, checks CANNOT be held for pickup. Please be sure to keep your contact information current in Pipeline to ensure you receive your refund check in a timely manner.

The Parent PLUS Loan(s) credited are to pay for your tuition balance and other educational expenses owed to the University. If any excess funds remain after your current outstanding balance has been cleared, a refund amount will be calculated. If the excess is from the Federal Parent PLUS Loan, the refund will be mailed directly to your parent unless Hawaii Pacific University receives written authorization from your parent(s) to release the excess funds to you.

If you have any questions regarding how your Parent PLUS Loans disbursed, please contact the Office of Financial Aid Office: (808) 544-0253 or

If you have any questions regarding your refund, please call the Business Office at (808) 356-5272 (option 1) or