New Students


Welcome to HPU!

As a new student to HPU there are many procedures and policies that you should familiarize yourself with. For the business office, listed below are a few dates to keep in mind as we get closer to the start of the semester and some frequently asked questions and answers!


Fall 2019


July 12: Fall term charges are available on the account in Pipeline and eBills sent to HPU campus email address.  If all requirements are met, financial aid will also be available on the eBill statement and viewable in Pipeline

July 15: Fall term eBills are sent to students and authorized users. More information about eBills and authorized users can be found at Billing and E-Bills and Tuition and Fee Schedule. Please note an authorized user by itself does not grant full access in communicating with HPU about account details. For someone other than the student to discuss account details with HPU, FERPA authorization is required after the first term begins.


August 5: Tuition due for 8-week courses (Part of Term 8A) beginning in August.  If financial aid is expected, only the student responsibility (Tuition & Fees - Expected financial aid = Student responsibility) is due

August 12: Tuition due for 15-week courses (Part of Term 1) beginning in August.  If financial aid is expected, only the student responsibility (Tuition & Fees - Expected financial aid = Student responsibility) is due

August 19: Part of Term 8A begins, financial aid will begin to begin to be posted to students' accounts that have meet all requirements

August 26: Part of Term 1 begins, financial aid will begin to begin to be posted to students' accounts that have meet all requirements

August 29: Last day to enroll in a July - November and a August - November TMS payment plan


September 9: Last Day to enroll in a September - November TMS payment plan


For other important dates, please review the Academic Calendar

Frequently asked questions

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a Federal Law pertaining to the release and discussion of student accounts with third parties. It is similar to HIPAA when dealing with health care and health insurance. Third parties include but are not limited to parents, spouses, grandparents, siblings, god-parents, or other payees. As an adult (defined as being over the age of 18), students are entitled to account privacy. The Business Office (along with other HPU Staff and Faculty) will uphold student account privacy by only discussing student accounts with FERPA authorized individuals.

In order to authorize someone, the student must return a completed FERPA form to

You can learn more about HPU’s FERPA policy here.

Once the Registrar's Office has confirmed the FERPA as complete and uploaded the FERPA Authorization to the student account, we will be happy to discuss their account with any designated third party.

Tuition is a set cost as defined by the student’s status and number of credit hours for which the student is eligible to be billed. Some student fees may be mandatory, such as the Health Center Fee, Transportation Fee, Student Activity Fee, and Technology Fee. The Current Tuition and Fee Schedule for each Academic Year is available on our website here.

Charges for future terms will begin posting to Pipeline’s eBill + Pay Bill Account Summary six (6) weeks before each term begins. Tuition is due two (2) weeks before the start of each term, as noted in each term’s Academic Calendar.

HPU does not physically mail Statement Notifications. Whenever a statement is available an email notification will be sent to the student’s official campus email ( and to all Authorized Users. You can learn more about setting up an Authorized User (which is not the same as a FERPA Authorization) on our website. You are responsible for paying your financial obligations in full by the tuition due dates in each term’s Academic Calendar regardless of whether or not you receive an email notice. You may access and manage your current balance and view other account activity 24/7 by logging into Pipeline and clicking “eBill + Pay Bill” or by clicking here and providing your user name/email and password.



If you will be living on campus, Housing Charges will post to your student account around the same time as tuition charges (about six [6] weeks before the start of each term). For specific questions about Housing, please visit the Housing Website or email Housing. These charges and contracts are maintained by the Housing Department and NOT by the Business Office. The Housing Department will best be able to assist in your questions regarding rates and charges.

Tuition, housing, and fees are always due two (2) weeks before the start of each term. Dropping courses after the term begins may result in partial or full financial responsibility for the dropped course credit hours. For due dates and other deadlines, please review each term’s Academic Calendar,a valuable tool to reference when making these important decisions.



For all questions about FAFSA, Federal Loans, Federal Grants, or Alternative Loans, please contact Financial Aid. You can also visit Financial Aid’s website, here.

Some HPU offered grants and scholarships can only be applied when specific eligibility criteria are met. Please make sure your student continues to meet these criteria throughout the school year so they do not forfeit their scholarship, if awarded. For specific information about your Merit Scholarship, please contact Admissions



 Per the US Department of Education’s website: “There are thousands of [scholarships], offered by schools, employers, individuals, private companies, nonprofit's, communities, religious groups, and professional and social organizations.

If you have not done so already, HPU recommends searching out private scholarships, you can use the US Department of Labor’s Free Scholarship Search Tool, here, to search for scholarships. 

If you are receiving a Private Scholarship, please submit your award or acceptance letter to our Scholarship Department. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR STUDENT ID NUMBER in the body of your email.



HPU is pleased to offer the services of Tuition Management Systems (TMS). Their payment plans are available to help students afford educational expenses on a monthly basis. The plans are interest free and allow smaller payment installments spread out over the course of the current term. Visit TMS or the Business Office website for more information.