Billing and E-Bills

General Information

The Hawai'i Pacific University electronic bill (eBill) is the official means of generating tuition bill to all Hawai'i Pacific University students. You will receive a message in your campus approved email account when your HPU eBill is ready to be viewed online. Your online statement will reflect all activity on your student account (i.e., tuition, student fees, housing, meal plans, books, other campus charges, payments, and financial aid credited to your account), a detail of the amount due, and the payment due date.  The eBill is available to be seen 24/7, can be used as invoice, and available to authorized users of the student.


You are responsible for paying your financial obligations in full by the tuition due date (please refer to the Academic Calendar for each term), regardless of whether or not you receive an email notice. You may access and manage your current balance and other account activity at any time by logging into and going to the left navigation pane, under Student Services and click on "EBill + Pay Bill"


To set someone up as an authorized user, please follow these directions: Become an Authorized User


After a student begins the first term, all account details are protected under FERPA. For someone other than the student to discuss account details, a FERPA authorization is required after the first term begins.


To view an example and explanation of how to read your ebill, please review the Example Ebill and Explanation

Accessing Your eBill

Once logged into your MyHPU Portal account you can:

• View tuition bills

• View billing and payment history

• Pay tuition bills online with a credit card, US checking account, or US savings account

• Download and print a copy of the bill for sending check payments via U.S. Mail

• Forward an e-mail copy of the bill to parents, spouse, or others

• Set up parents and other authorized payers to view and pay your bills

Authorized Users can:

• View student's tuition bills

• View student's billing and payment history

• Pay student's tuition bills from a credit card, US checking account, or US savings account

• Download and print a copy of bill for sending check payments via U.S. Mail

Note to Military Students

If you have a Tuition Assistance Voucher (TA) you must submit the signed copy to your Base Advisor at Kaneohe, Pearl Harbor, Hickam, Schofield, or Tripler. Please be advised: your Base Advisor may be different than your Academic Advisor. Your Base Advisor will review your TA and forward it to the appropriate department for processing.

If you are not eligible for TA, you, the student, are responsible for the tuition charges which must be paid by the deadline as outlined in the Academic Calendar for each term.

Military Campus Program (MCP) and online courses are available for students who are eligible for the Military Tuition Waiver Award. Courses taken at the Downtown Campus (DHC) which may include certain online courses may not be included in the Tuition Waiver. Please seek guidance with your Academic and Base Advisors if you have further questions. 

The student is responsible for making sure their account is in good standing with Hawaii Pacific University. Please make sure to check your "eBill + Pay Bill" student account throughout the term to confirm your Waivers, should you be eligible, have been applied appropriately. If you have questions about your account balance, make sure to include your student ID number and email

POST 9/11 GI BILL: Please review your eBill to confirm you are receiving your Veterans Tuition Benefits. Should you have questions about the amount of the payments, please reach out to HPU's Military Veterans Center at

VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION: According to HPU's billing procedures, we will invoice and apply a contract payment to your student account after the 0% student responsibility period has passed. Please refer to the Academic Calendar each term for these deadlines.  

YELLOW RIBBON: If you have questions about the amount of the payments made on your account, please contact HPU's Military Veterans Center at

If you have further questions about any of these benefits, please refer to the HPU Military Veterans Center page.