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Monthly Payment Plans


Dates of HPU payment plan enrollment

Hawai‘i Pacific University has partnered with our third-party payment processor, Transact (formerly known as Cashnet),  to offer the ability to conveniently distribute your portion of tuition and fees across manageable monthly installments. Using a payment plan will let you avoid high interest rates normally seen with traditional loans. The cost to you is a small, non-refundable enrollment fee of $35 (Summer term) or $65 (Fall or Spring terms) for each term you wish to enroll in a payment plan.

  • All students are eligible to sign up for the current term payment plan (unless the student has demonstrated late payments or other issues with prior semester payment plans)
  • You will never miss a payment when you sign up for autopay
  • With the click of a button, students can invite parents (or others) to make payments on their behalf
  • The payment plan budget is calculated for you based on your current balance at the time of signup 
  • As your financial aid is approved (meaning "ready to pay"), it will apply to your overall balance and reduce your payment plan budget
  • Fall/Spring payment plans are flexible, as long as 6 months and as short as 3 months

To set up a payment plan, follow the instructions below: 

Students: Log in to your myHPU portal, then select the "Business & Payments" icon in the Student QuickLaunch section

parents (payers, or authorized users): Your student must set you up as a Payer, or authorized user, before you can set up a payment plan or pay your student's balance. Once that step is complete, enroll by visiting, and following the prompts to enroll in a plan. 


How To: Add A Payer

  • Non-refundable enrollment fee paid to Transact -
    • $35 for a Summer term payment plan
    • $65 for a Fall term payment plan
    • $65 for a Spring term payment plan
  • Credit card service charge paid to Transact - 2.75% for domestic credit cards or 4.25% for international credit cards
    (TIP: avoid a credit card service charge by paying with your bank account!)
  • Late fee paid to Transact - $10 per late payment
  • Returned item fee paid to Transact - $25 per returned item
  • Returned item fee paid to HPU - $30 per returned item

Click here to view enrollment information for each term. 

If you are a Post 9/11 GI Bill® recipient, please see the enrollment deadlines in the next section. 

HPU offers a special payment plan students who live on-campus and receive Post 9/11 GI Bill® benefits. The plan will match the disbursement dates for housing stipends which will allow student and benefactors to make payments as they themselves are being reimbursed.

How to qualify: If your on-campus housing charges reflect on MyHPU, Business & Payments and you have already certified your enrollment with HPU’s VA Center, you’re already qualified. You can confirm both of these items are satisfied by logging in to MyHPU, Business & Payments.

If one or the other (housing or VA certification) is missing, please reach out to for assistance. Make sure to include your student ID number in the body of your email. 

Click here to view the Post 9/11 GI Bill® enrollment information for each term.

No, HPU does not offer payment plans or financial aid for Winter terms. To learn more about financial aid, click here.

Cards: American Express, Discover, JCB, VISA, and Master Card. Domestic charges have a 2.75% processing fee; international charges have a 4.25% processing fee.

US checking/savings accounts: There are no processing fees for electronic checks.

International payments made through Flywire: International students may pay their monthly payment plans via Flywire, but students must email when they make a Flywire payment. An email to the Accounts Receivable department is required so that we can manually apply the Flywire payment to the payment plan and prevent students from incurring late payment fees and other unintended consequences. Please also visit HPU’s Business Office information for international students.

Yes! If you would like to make a payment towards your payment plan by dropping off your payment to the Business Office located in the Student Services Center, you must let the Business Office customer service representative know that you are applying the payment to your payment plan. If you do not communicate this, you may incur late fee charges for your payment plan. 

To make a payment towards your account balance rather than your payment plan for a particular term, log in to your myHPU portal, then select the "Business & Payments" icon in the Student QuickLaunch section. Once you are int he payment portal, on the left menu, select Make a Payment. If the current term is not listed as something that can be paid, click on the option to Pay your Past Due Charges. Enter the amount you would like to pay and select the relevant term.

Enrollment for Fall closes September 30.

Enrollment for Spring closes February 28.

Enrolment for Summer closes June 30.

If you did not sign up for a payment plan by the above deadlines, please contact (include your student ID number in the body of your email) and ask to be considered for a past-due payment plan. Not all students will qualify for a past-due payment plan.

If your account balance for the term decreases after you signed up for your payment plan, your plan will automatically adjust for lower payments the next time you log in to Transact.

If your account balance for the term increases after you signed up for your payment plan, the next time you log in to your payment portal, the system will request your permission to increase your payments to cover your entire balance outstanding for the term.