Special Interest

Special Interest

Currently Active RSOs

Leaders of Sustainable Future

Leaders for a Sustainable Future (LSF)'s mission is to strive to educate the student body on the State of Hawai'i's efforts towards building a more sustainable community. Our members pledge to work in close collaboration with internal and external partners within sustainability networks to assist as innovators, program assistants, and leaders through integration of socially, economically, and ecologically sound practices.

For more information, please email: lsf.hpu@my.hpu.edu 

What's Written

What’s Written is an RSO available to anyone who likes to write with pen, voice, or computer. Members will be able to share stories, complete short writing prompts, participate in writing competitions, conduct peer/group reviews, and learn about the art of writing through various learning sessions.

For more information, please email: whatswritten.hpu@my.hpu.edu

Women in Gaming

Do you like playing video games? Do you want to meet other people who do too? Women in Gaming strives to provide an inclusive environment for those who wish to game with like-minded people and amplify the voices of underrepresented persons in the gaming community.

For more information, please email: womengaming.hpu@my.hpu.edu

Previous Clubs

Listed below are past clubs that are no longer active. If you are interested in any of the following, you are more than welcome to email leadership@hpu.edu to find out how to revive the RSO during the next open registration period!

Our purpose is to celebrate anime, manga, and other forms of Japanese entertainment. Fans of anime and manga can sometimes feel out of place or weird for liking it, as a stigma still hangs in the air around it in the West. And we want to create a community at HPU that will accept you and introduce other people with the same niche interest. From the proud "Otaku" who juggles 12 different shows per season to the "normie" who's never even watched Pokemon, this is a group that will not judge you for your choice of entertainment. But most importantly, we are here to have fun. We want to watch giant mechas beat up aliens, a criminal mastermind and expert detective playing mind games, an undead sorcerer work to take over the world, or just watch cute girls doing cute things. We want to have fun alongside people with a shared interest. College is rough, and sometimes nothing releases stress from a long day of classes like young adults beheading 10+ meter tall man-eating giants.

Since 2004, Circle K International at Hawaii Pacific University (Circle K HPU) has been serving the community one project at a time completing over 12,000 service projects from 650 project by 325 members. Circle K HPU will celebrate its 15th year at Hawaii Pacific University and has a big year planned with service projects, fundraiser and social events. The organization continues to work towards serving the community, providing leadership opportunities and creating lasting friendships. Circle K HPU launched its signature Believe Letter Writing Campaign in 2014 which helps to raise funds for Make-A-Wish Hawaii through Macy’s. To date, the campaign has collected over 26,691 letters raising over $50,000 for the wish keiki of Make-A-Wish Hawaii. Circle K International is known as the World’s Largest Student Led Collegiate Service Organization with over 13,800 members at 500 University/Colleges around the world. Circle K International is the collegiate service organization under Kiwanis International.

The Environmental Film and Photo Club creates a group of multitalented individuals that aim to educate through the film and photography medium. The association will bring a place to HPU where environmental students, students who have environmental concerns, and film and photography included students can come together to create original work. 

The HPU GameSharks are a tabletop gaming club that seek to bring together a community of students who enjoy tabletop, card, and board games. We welcome anyone interested in these games, regardless of experience; be it for a quick game of MTG at lunch, or a dedicated group to run a months long D&D Campaign. Our members have a wide range of games and experience and love introducing new people into the hobby.

Gen Action exists to promote reproductive health and rights, racial equity, and inclusively within the university community and to the general public. Gen Action supports full access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare, educational programs that enhance understanding of human sexuality, as well as the public policies that support and guarantees access to these rights and services.


The goal of this club is to raise awareness and educate students about the environmental issues that we face locally and globally, focusing especially on the health of our oceans. Our goal is to be more active at giving back to the environment. This club gives students the opportunity to gather and create an important social platform that could help them with their studies and major. This club can give students ideas for their future career and create bonds in the Surfrider Foundation and the environmental community.

SVA at HPU provides its members not only a multitude of resources for a successful academic experience, but also a community that extend beyond the academic years. We are creating better students, better campuses, and better communities through the next generation of student veterans.

The Young Minority Professionals Association is open to anyone and everyone. The Young Minority Professionals Association’s purpose to make sure that young minorities and adults have the tools and the guidance they need in order to become successful. In the Young Minority Professionals Association Club, we will focus on topics such as: how to deal with discrimination and stereotyping at your college and in your career, networking with different minority owned businesses as well as powerful minority leaders in your career field, learning how to stay professional at all times, etiquette, proper work attire etc. The Young Minority Professionals Association believes in giving all young students and professionals the opportunity to be great.

Upcoming Activities

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