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Enhance your HPU experience by joining one of many student clubs and organizations

Being a member of a registered student organization (RSO) is an excellent way to meet new people from around the world and enrich your HPU experience. The active RSO's are listed here. If you do not see the perfect match for your strengths and interests, consider creating your own club!

Shark Wars 2019

Shark Wars is a fun week long competition open to all students. Each day, teams will compete in different events - see the schedule and event details below! There will be a point and a ranking system where the team with the most points win! The winning team will receive bragging rights and recognition at Light Up the Night (April 12) where each winning team member will receive a GoPro. The second place prize will be a Bluetooth speaker and the third place prize will be a hyrdoflask (for each team member!!). Teams must have a minimum of 2 team members, and a maximum of 5 members.


For each event, at least two team members (any team member that signed up through the registration form) must attend and participate in order to earn points.

  •  Monday, April 8th: Shark Wars Trivia hosted by “Trivia Hawaii” @ 5:00pm-7:00pm in MPR 3
  • Tuesday, April 9th: Shark Wars Corn-hole Tournament @ 11:00am-1:00pm in the Center Atrium at ATM
    • The corn-hole tournament will be bracket style in teams of 2 (maximum). Corn-hole (aka bags or bean bag toss) is a game that involves two boards (with a hole in the middle) placed a couple of yards from each other. Your objective is to get your beanbag through the hole in the board opposite of you.
    • Each team may enter up to four people (broken up into 2 pairs). Teams of 2-3 members will only be able to enter 1 pair consisting of only 2 people.
    • If your team has entered more than 1 pair, only the highest points from both pairs will be awarded to the team.
  • Wednesday, April 10: Shark Wars Scavenger Hunt. Each team will have 24 hours to complete the tasks.
    • An email will be sent out at 12pm (noon), on this day, to your team captain consisting of 20 clues.
    • Team members can work either individually or together to figure out the clues.
    • Once your team successfully figures out the clues, they must take a picture of the answer with at least 1 team member in the picture and email it to
      • For example: If the answer to one of the clues is Aloha Tower, team members must take a picture of themselves at Aloha Tower
    • Each correct answer receives 1 point!

 Individuals may compete on multiple teams. However, individuals are not allowed to compete for multiple teams during the same event.


To register a team, please complete the Shark Wars Registration Form. Registration is due April 3rd, 2019 by 5pm!


For any questions, please contact

Types of Organizations

Academic and Professional

These organizations’ focus is either academic or professional fields.  Many of these organizations coordinate networking and educational events for the HPU and local communities.



These organizations help educate and provide opportunities for the HPU community to become culturally immersed in our unique environment and allow our students to appreciate and understand cultures from all over the world.


These organizations serve an eclectic range of student interests, combining a variety of artistic, social, political, and community service-related disciplines.

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Student Activity Fee

Funds from the Student Activity Fee (SAF) supports student initiatives, activities, services, and resources that enhance the student experience at HPU.

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