Enrollment and Degree Verification

HPU has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to provide enrollment and degree verifications on its behalf. The NSC is the nationally recognized source for student verifications.  These verifications are accepted as official by companies and organizations worldwide.

  • Students will be able to access the NSC website 365/24/7 to obtain enrollment verifications for such things as scholarship applications, loan processing, housing opportunities, etc.

  • Lenders and other federal financial aid-related agencies will automatically receive regularly scheduled enrollment reports that will support their services to our deferments (i.e., students).

  • Outside agencies will be able to access the NSC website for enrollment and degree verifications. Graduate schools, potential employers, private lenders, etc. will be able to retrieve relevant information to assist our students and graduates as they request services from these organizations.

  • HPU administration will have access to data for enrollment management efforts. For example, information about what our students do after they leave HPU will be available and can be widely used as we study persistence and formulate programs and services to increase retention rates, improve time to degree, and develop other support functions.

The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:

National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300

Herdon, VA 20171

Phone: (703) 742-4200

FAX: (703) 742-4239

Web: www.degreeverify.org

PLEASE NOTE: If you still require an enrollment verification, please click here, fill out the form and submit it to our office for processing.