HPU Unicard

What is an HPU Unicard?

The HPU UniCard serves as the official photo identification for students, faculty, and staff and is required for several activities such as voting in student elections, utilizing the intercampus shuttle service, borrowing materials from the University libraries, entering the ATM Learning Commons, and receiving tutorial services on both campuses. It entitles the bearer to free or reduced-rate entrance to athletic events and other Student Activities-sponsored functions. Additionally, many merchants recognize the HPU UniCard for the purposes of providing discounts on various services and products. 

The HPU UniCard contains a color photo, as well as a computer-generated identification number.  All students, faculty, and staff members need to be issued a UniCard as it is the official identification card of HPU. 

Unicard Agreement Form


How do I obtain my Unicard?

New students and military campus students may go to one of the two processing locations to obtain an HPU UniCard:

  • Registrar's Office at the Downtown Campus (Upper Bishop Building, Suite 216)
  • Education Technology Center located on the Hawai‘i Loa Campus (Academic Center Building, 3rd floor).

Students have the option of having their UniCard photo taken in the Registrar's Office or upload a photo of their choice to our online system for approval.

After completing the course registration process, please click here to upload your photo. Your username is your HPU email address. To set up a password for your email account, please log in to Campus Pipeline and click on the Tech Support tab. Scroll down until you see Network/Wireless Control Panel. Input a new Password, check the box, and click Submit. Please note that this does not change your Pipeline credentials as these are two different accounts. To avoid identity fraud, all new incoming students are required to pick up their HPU UniCard in person by showing a government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license or passport).  For any questions or problems, please contact us at unicard@hpu.edu


Attention Military Campus Students Only:  If you are unable to come to one of the processing locations, please contact the Registrar's Office for assistance.


Students who were issued HPU UniCards in a previous term need only to have their cards validated for the next term of enrollment. A student must present his or her HPU UniCard, and HPU staff will verify registration. Continuing students attending classes on the military bases may have their ID cards validated on the base.

New faculty and staff members will have their HPU UniCard photo taken at the Human Resources Office once they have completed the required new hire forms. Their HPU UniCard will be sent to their respective department office for pick-up.

There is no charge for the initial HPU UniCard, but there is a charge of $25.00 for a replacement card. Replacement cards are only issued in the Registrar’s Office on the Downtown campus.