Pure Mathematics

The Pure Math concentration lends itself to the advanced study of mathematics in graduate school. Students attending graduate school in math may become professors, researchers in national labs, or consultants. This concentration focuses more heavily on abstract mathematical thought and logic, and produces students who are not only proficient in reading and writing proofs, but are strong critical thinkers and problem solvers as well.

Applied Math

The Applied Math concentration focuses on applying mathematical ideas to specific problems in the sciences. Students graduating with an applied math concentration are prepared to go to school for engineering, to work for the government, to analyze data for scientifically oriented businesses, practice mathematical modeling to solve real world problems,  or to train as financial analysts. Check out our Careers in Applied Math page to learn more.

Math Education

Teaching mathematics and sharing its beauty and wealth of applications with future generations can be a very rewarding way to use a math degree, too. To this end, the Math Education specialization prepares our graduates for a job as an educator in the K-12 system.