NAVY Tuition Assistance (TA)



Navy Funding Eligibility

Navy TA:

  1. Have at least two years of active service.
  2. Be on active duty for the duration of the course.
  3. Attend an institution accredited by a regional, national or professional accrediting agency.
  4. If an Officer, remain on active duty for at least two years upon completion of course end date.
  5. Enlisted Reservists ordered to active duty for 120 days or more.
  6. Naval Reserve Officers ordered to active duty for two years beyond the course term end date.


In addition to the Navy TA requirements, you are eligible for NCPACE courses if you:

  1. Are assigned to commands with a Unit Identification Code (UIC) sea duty type code of 2/4
  2. All active duty personnel assigned to US Naval Ships (USNS) under the cognizance of the Military Sealift Command (MSC), are eligible for the DL program
  3. IA Sailors must have orders reflection IA status & be serving a tour as an IA for the duration of the course term. Limited to once course per term.

*Navy pays for 1 degree per level of school (Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Certificate)

*Degree obtained through other funding counts toward the one degree rule.

                Exceptions: when desired degree is directly related to rating. Waivers granted by command.

*May be eligible to earn 2 PNA points for associate and bachelor degrees. Total of 4 Points. Upon completion of bachelor degree (based off rank advancement criteria).


Navy Tuition Assistance Step:

  1. Your command may require you to submit a Special Request Chit
  2. Required to complete 2 virtual trainings
    1. Go to “My Education” website –
    2. Click “Navy Tuition Assistance”
    3. Click “TA Policy and Procedures” and complete training
    4. Click “Virtual Counseling 101” and complete training
      *Save or Print certificates for proof in case updates fail
  3. Required Education Counseling
    1. with Navy College Hawaii or Navy College Virtual Education Center
      1. To schedule an Appointment with Navy College Hawaii follow steps:
        1. Log onto My Navy Portal:
        2. Click on the “Career & life Events” (drop down menu)
        3. Click “Training, Education & Qualifications”
        4. On the side bar click on “Appointment Scheduler”
        5. Click on Schedule Appointment
        6. Select Education Counseling (NCPACE & TA)
        7. Select a facility: Physical, NCO Pearl Harbor
        8. Select the best time and date and submit (confirmation email will be sent)
  4. Required Upload Education Plan from School (Options)
    1. Upload unofficial education plan provided by your prospective school
    2. Upload official education plan with JST evaluation. *before 9 semester/credit hours
      1. Steps to Upload
        1. Go to Navy College Program website
        2. Click “View/Upload file” (complete necessary field and select file to upload)
        3. Must notify NCO Hawaii for degree plan approval
          1. Call – (808) 473-5705
          2. Email –
  5. Create/submit Tuition Assistance (WebTA) application
    *Note: Application Submission window as early as 120 days preceding term start date.
    *MUST be command approved no later than 14 days prior to term start date
  6. Generate and Send Voucher to Institution
    1. You will receive an email with link to your voucher in the Navy College Program.
      1. My Education Portal -> Select “Tuition Assistance -> Review Applications -> View -> Save -> Print -> Sign and finally deliver voucher to the academic institution
        *Notify your school when submitting voucher

 Education Funding

  1. $250 semester hour ($166.67 quarter hour/$16.67 clock hour)
  2. Can request funding for up to 12 semester hours (180 quarter hour/1800 clock hour)
  3. Lifetime: 120 semester hours (or equivalent in quarter/clock hour)

Questions/Concerns in regards to Navy Tuition Assistance please contact the Navy College Office Hawaii

Phone – (808) 473-5705

Email –