Air Force Funding Request (TA)

Air Force


  1. Tuition assistance limits are set per AFI36-2649 currently at $250/semester hour or $166.66/quarter hour with an annual fiscal year limit of $4500.
  2. Tuition assistance must be requested within 7 to 45 days of term start date via the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC) in the Air Force Portal ( Once the deadline has passed, funding requests are no longer available through AFVEC. If the term has started then member is not eligible for tuition assistance for the current term.
  3. Before you can apply for TA you need to go to AFVEC and create an education goal and e-plan and if education goal is for a civilian degree you will need to attach an official evaluated degree plan* (in PDF format) to it and then submit the education goal for approval from the Education Office. Please add your student ID number to the education goal. Instructions are located under "AFVEC Resources".

    *An official degree plan or academic plan is a document from your university created and signed by your advisor showing what degree you are working on, the total number of credits required for that degree, number of hours completed--whether by transferring in courses from other sources or through the school; number of credits still needed. Also on the degree plan will be a list of the courses needed to complete the degree. Official degree plans cannot be issued until all official transcripts—including CCAF and CLEP/DSST/AP exams—have been received by HPU and reviewed.
  4. Once TA is submitted, an email is sent to your supervisor for their approval. If your supervisor hasn’t approved the TA request by the 1st day of the term start date, TA will automatically be removed from your education record and you will not be able to resubmit TA request for that term.
  5. When applying for tuition assistance, please be sure all relevant information is correct (term dates, tuition cost, course codes and title, etc.). Contact an advisor if you are unsure. Approved TA documents should be sent to for payment processing.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Confirm contact information (especially your work and personal email addresses) in AFVEC “My Personal Data”. Contact Education Office at if you need to have your assigned base or assigned unit updated. To update DOS or DEROS, go to vMPF and update it there.
  • If you do not complete the course with a passing grade (undergraduate classes=C or higher, graduate classes=B or higher), then you will need to reimburse the Air Force your tuition assistance amount.
  • If you drop a course prior to the class start date after the TA form has been approved, you must notify the Education Office immediately. After the start date of the course(s), you will need to provide documentation from the college reflecting they will not bill the Air Force for any portion of the approved dollars on the TA form.
  • If you withdraw from a course(s) after the class has begun, you will be required to reimburse the Air Force for the amount of TA the AF paid for the course. You will need to provide documentation for the withdrawal from the college to the Education Office.
  • Grades have to be posted within 60 days of the course end date listed on the approved TA form.
  • Upon completion of a degree, enlisted personnel must request to send an official college transcript to the Education Office for an education level update (reference AFI 36-2305 and AFI36-2649). Official transcripts should be sent to: 647 FSS/FSDE, ATTN: Education Level Updates, 900 Hangar Avenue, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI 96853-5246 or e-transcripts use: Officers need to request official transcript sent to AFIT at AFIT Academic Coding Branch, 2950 Hobson Way, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7765.

REMEMBER: Do not register for a course if you do not have an approved TA on hand OR be sure to drop course(s) before the 100% refund deadline. Otherwise, students can expect to pay the cost of tuition out-of-pocket. Students are responsible for dropping course(s) through my.HPU or by contacting their academic advisor before the deadline.

  1. HPU Academic Calendar:
  2. How to Drop a Course: Not available for non-degree seeking students, contact advisor to initiate drop—deadlines apply.