Marine TA steps

To become eligible for TA:

  1. Access your WebTA Account - Go to and access your WebTA account. This is the website you will use to submit, review, and retrieve your TA applications. Please be sure to fill out the contact information. (More specific instruction further down)
  2. Complete "College 101" - This course explains all of your USMC education benefits and provides step-by-step guidance on using the online WebTA system. 
    1. This class is offered twice every week:
      1. Wednesday: 11:30-12:30, at the Ed Center (Bldg. 220) First come, first served.
      2. Thursday: 11:30-12:30, in a virtual classroom (via WebEx). Register by phone.
  3. General Technical (GT) Score - Your ASVAB GT score must be 100 or above. Do you have prior college credit? If so, let the Education Center know. If not, then you'll take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE). A score of 10.2+ or higher will make you eligible for TA. TABE registrations forms are available at the Education Center or online The Base Library (Bldg 219) has free TABE study guides available for check-out.
  4. Personal Readiness Seminar (PRS) - Go to and complete the training. Upload your certificate (Word Doc or PDFs only) to your WebTA account. (Course number: J30 P-US1395)

Marine Corp Tuition Assistance Set-up steps:

  1. Go to "My Education" website - and login with your CAC or DoD ID.
  2. Select the "Profile" icon - update and save your personal information - provide all personal contact info.
  3. Select "Tuition Assistance" icon.
  4. Scroll to the "Eligibility Section" - in the middle of the page. It will either state you are eligible or ineligible to apply for TA. If you are ineligible be sure you uploaded your two JKO certificates for HEP & PRS. If you have done so, and are still listed as ineligible, contact the Marine Education Center at (808) 257-2158.
  5. Upload your degree program - Once you've enrolled at your school you will be given a degree program (the list of courses you need to take to earn that degree); upload that document to your WebTA account.

Marine Corp Tuition Request Steps:

  1. Select "Create New Application" - Read the agreement and if you agree, select "I Accept" to continue to the application. 
  2. Under the "Approver Information" bar select "Manual Entry" to add you Command Approver's name, email and address, and phone number(s). Then click on "Select". You will then be directed back to you TA application's main page. Select "MCB Kaneohe Hawaii" as your Education Office. 
  3. Search for and select you school by clicking on the check box.
  4. Enter the start dates and end date of the course- these are TERM dates, not the day of week class starts.
  5. Select "Manual Course" under the courses bar to enter the course information.
  6. Enter your course information carefully and thoroughly (one course per each TA application)
    1. Course Number: always an alphabetical + numerical code (e.g. MATH 1050, PSY 2000 etc.)
    2. Course Title: the full, official title of your course (e.g. Introduction to Psychology) - no typos.
    3. Course Level: L = Lower (1000-2000) U = Upper (3000-4000) G = Graduate V = Vocational training.
    4. Location: On-base, Off-base, Distance Learning (online)
    5. Primary Instructions Mode: Instructor, Web/Internet
    6. Tuition Rate: Cost per credit ($250) - Ensure that this number is correct.
    7. Credit Unit: S = Semester Hour, Q = Quarter Hour, C = Clock Hour.
    8. Credit Hours: Typically, 3.0 SH semester system (unless there's a lab), 
    9. Cost Per Credit Hour: Do not enter total cost for you course - the system will do that for you. 
  7. Your TA application is now sent to your Command for review and approval/denial. If you Command denies your TA, you'll receive an email explaining why.
  8. If you Command approves your TA, the Education Center will have final approval/denial. They check to ensure that you meet all current MCO and MARADMIN Requirements, including your academic history. If you do not meet all requirements, you will receive an email stating your application was denied and the reason(s) for denial. If you meet all requirements, you'll receive an email stating that your TA is approved. 
  9. To view and print your TA Authorization: Log into your WebTA account and select the "Tuition Assistance" link, then select "Review Applications". Select the application you would like to select "Print Document". 
  10. Sign you TA Authorization electronically or print it out and hand-sign it. Communicated with your school and follow their steps to submit the TA voucher to your school. This completes the TA process. 

Additional Requirements

  1. Marines must be on regular duty (not assigned to MOS school or Residential PME programs) in order to use TA funding.
  2. Enlisted Marines: The last term of TA funded courses must end BEFORE the Marines hard EAS date.
  3. Institution must be accredited by a regional, national or professional accrediting agency.
  4. Officers must remain on active duty for at least two years upon completion of course end date.
    1. Warrant Officers WITH a Bachelor’s Degree fall under the same rule, while Warrant Officers WITHOUT a Bachelor’s Degree go by the “60 day EAS rule”.
  5. Enlisted Reservists must be ordered to active duty for 120 days or more.
  6. Reserve Officers must be ordered to active duty for two years beyond the course term end date.