All Soldiers, Education Institutions and Army Education Counselors have access to the portal at this time.  Education Institutions, HQACCESS and the ArmyIgnitED team continue to work together to resolve outstanding matters such as processing of enrollments and invoicing for tuition assistance.  The Exception to Policy (ETP) remains in effect to secure tuition assistance for soldiers during this time as well as utilizing enrollment functions to include approvals by the Soldiers and Army Education Counselors when available. 

The following steps are paramount to ensure enrollment and tuition assistance requests are processed and reported efficiently and correctly.


To ensure accurate data collection by HPU, the Soldier must complete the following actions:

  1. Soldier must meet with an Army Education Counselor to select Hawaii Pacific University as your Education Institute.
  2. Soldier must select and submit a Degree Path in the ArmyIgnitED portal. Tuition Assistance will not be released without an approved Degree Path.
  3. Soldier must ensure that Military Identification (MID) is accurate and current. If you are unsure of your MID status, send an email to:
    • Subject Line: Last name, First Name, MID Verification
    • Email must include:
      • Last name, First Name, HPU Student ID
      • Component, Rank and ETS date (Monitor this email for a confirmation response or further action if required.)
  4. The Soldier must register for classes in the HPU portal at
  5. The Soldier must complete the Request for ArmyIgnitED TA form through this link:
  6. The Soldier must monitor ArmyIgnitED account for enrollment approval.

To ensure approval of the ETP TA request by HPU on the Soldiers behalf:

  1. The Soldier must have TA funds remaining in account balance. 

  2. The Soldier must register for classes that support degree completion.

  3. The Soldier does not have a hold(s) on Army account due to low GPA, favorable action suspension, etc.

HPU will report the class(es) you have registered for in the HPU portal to HQACCESS in order to secure tuition assistance funding provided you complete the above actions.

HPU will also report the classes you have registered for in the ArmyIgnitED portal.  Please be sure to monitor your account regularly for action if necessary.

Please feel free to contact your HPU Academic Advisor for guidance:


Additional Guidance for Education Institution