Jason Whitcombe

Jason Whitcombe

Jason Whitcombe

Jason Whitcombe 
Oahu, Hawaii and California 
Dual Degree Program

BS Math, 2015
Hawai‘i Pacific University

BS Electrical Engineering (2015)
Washington University at Saint Louis
(Gustav Kurt Mesmer Scholarship)

(U.S. Navy)

I did not take the traditional path to college. My path starts with 6 years in the military, 5 of them stationed at Pearl Harbor Naval Base Hawai‘i. HPU has an excellent relationship with military members. I attended HPU first through Military Campus Programs in 2010 and started the Dual degree engineering program. HPU’s MCP and MCP advisors were really helpful in my transition from the military to student life. The small class sizes and Professors who understood military life was great to have coming out of the military.

The engineering Dual degree program opened doors for me. I would have never guessed that I would be able to qualify to attend USC or Washington University St. Louis, but HPU’s dual degree option gave me the chance. The Professors at HPU really challenged and prepared me for my future at either college. HPU’s small class sizes and professor’s willingness to meet outside of class hours were essential to my successful completion at HPU.

I have now been accepted to Washington University in St. Louis’s Electrical Engineering program. I have been awarded Gustav Kurt Mesmer scholarship for engineering and will be starting my E.E. degree at WUSTL in Fall 2013.