New First Time Freshman and Transfer Credit

New First Time Freshman and Transfer Credit

Please note that although a course appears within this system, transferrability of credit is on a case-by-case basis. All courses within this system transfer to HPU and not necessarily back to the institution. Additionally, some courses may not appear on this list, but may be eligible for transfer to HPU. To view previously approved courses, use the Transfer Credit Library:

Transfer Credit Library

Note: Approvals displayed include course and/or requirement designation, but it does not confirm the credit amounts that will transfer. See Transfer Credit Library for more information related to credit conversion. 

You can research how your courses transfer by using the Transfer Credit Tool. While you review, please note the following: 

  • If your institution does not appear in the search, HPU does not currently have information for that particular school. Please email with a message that includes the name of the institution, course title and number and a syllabus so we can evaluate the content for course equivalency.
  • Some schools have multiple listings with different campus locations. Please use the main campus of your school.
    • E.g., University of Hawaii Manoa is the main campus, as opposed to West Oahu-University of Hawaii. 
  • A course numbered 2XXX means credit is granted for a 2000-level elective in the given subject. 
    • E.g., ENG 2XXX indicates elective credit is given for a 2000-level English course.
  • Any course with an effective term (e.g. Eff. Fall 2009) applies to those taken during that term.
  • Course approvals listed on the Transfer Credit Tool do not override credit limitations or transfer policy. Current students are recommended to verify course transferability before taking any transfer course, even if it appears on the previously approved course list. To request approval, please meet with your advisor to complete the Transfer Pre-Approval Process.
  • Freshman or sophomore-level courses from a 4-year university or courses from a community college will not transfer as upper-division credit.



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