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In order to take courses at another institution while attending HPU, all students should submit a pre-approval transfer credit form. All transfer credit approval is subject to a minimum grade, credit limitation and degree requirements. Depending on the number of previously transferred credits, program of study, total completed credits, and/or catalog year, current HPU students may not be eligible to earn additional transfer credit.

Before you consider taking a course at another institution, Acadeum Course Share may be able to help.  HPU has partnered with Acadeum, a consortium of like-minded accredited colleges and universities, to provide HPU students with online course opportunities.  A course through Acadeum is treated just like an HPU course and will appear on your HPU schedule and will count towards your HPU GPA.  Best of all, you don’t need to sign up as a visiting student at another school and you don’t have to worry about sending transcripts back and forth. If you are interested in seeing if an Acadeum course will meet your needs, please complete the short interest form here.



It is the student's responsibility to provide HPU with official transcripts in order to receive transfer credits.


Transfer credit evaluation pre-approval deadline

All students should meet with an advisor before taking a course(s) at another institution in order to be on track with your degree plan. Pre-approvals may take up to two weeks for approval.  



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