Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials



Simon Cirdei

Germany, Nordakademie

Looking back at the 16 week course I took at HPU I can now say it was the right decision to come here for my semester abroad!

It was such an amazing experience, I was able to learn so much about working with different cultures and a very international community. Let it be students from the US, other places in Europe or students from all over Asia, all these I got a chance to work with and experience the different ways of working and work ethics. It really enhanced my multicultural understanding of these. Also, the instructors at HPU themselves share the same diversity as the students in their backgrounds, ensuring a multinational learning community! Also being a student at HPU gave me the chance to swing myself on the surfboard and practice a little bit during my free time and explore the island with some of those many beautiful hikes. O'ahu sure has so much to offer and it never really gets boring over here. And even if it should get boring, all the other beautiful Hawaiian islands are just half an hour worth of flying away for some spectacular weekend trips ;)

I wished I could stay longer and get to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii even more!








Malin Rosberg

Norway,  NLA University College

My semester in Hawaii has been the best experience in my life, no doubt. In these four months I’ve met so many new people, I’ve explored multiple islands, seen a whole new environment and culture while going to the beach almost everyday. I chose Hawaii because of the beautiful nature and I really wanted to take advantage and explore as much as I could during my semester abroad. It’s such a huge contrast to Norway and I wouldn’t change it for anything.







Catharina Wobbe

Germany, University of Augsburg

Arriving here in Hawaii was initially overwhelming and a completely new
situation. Of course, it took time to settle in and develop a routine to feel
comfortable and arrive - I'm honest with you.
BUT, looking back, I can only say that coming here and going on this adventure
was the best decision I ever made. These islands have so much more to offer
than you initially think, and I can't even put into words how insanely wonderful
and unique these experiences here have been. Every moment is unforgettable,
and you want to hold on to every single one forever. Every person you meet
here gets a little place in your heart and you don't want to leave this island in
the end - I promise! It is an incredible gift to be able to study in such a place
and collect all these experiences, Hawaii is and will always be a very special
paradise on this planet, in every way.









Diego gil edo

universidad europea de madrid, Spain 

Hawaii was an unforgettable experience. I can’t thank enough all the people that made the dream of living in Hawaii for a semester a reality. I got to discover a lot of the island of O’ahu. The North Shore was my personal favourite, watching all the surfers was something I thought I would have never been able to see anywhere but in the movies… I also got to travel to other islands such as Kauai (the Garden Island), where I saw the best piece of nature I’ve ever seen in my life, The Napali Coast. Maui, where I drove around the island in one day and met amazing people that I still talk to. And last but not least, the Big Island! Where all my international student friends gathered together to make an awesome group trip. All of the islands are super close to each other so it makes it really easy to visit them. Out of all the things I got to do in Hawaii, the best thing was definitely the people and friends I got to make mixed with the incredible experience of being on a campus right on the water of the pacific ocean with outdoor classrooms with ocean and harbour views. I would choose HPU over and over again if I had the chance to.



Natasha Boettger 

Germany, Macromedia


I heard this word many times during my time in Hawaii. But even more often I experienced it myself. Because Aloha is a way of life. A cheerful, grateful and accommodating way of enjoying life and interacting with each other. Rarely in my life I have experienced coming to a place where I met so many open and friendly people.

Hawaii is truly a dream come true in my experience. It is a place of endless possibilities, beautiful and breathtaking natural sights, and experiences that I will keep with me forever.

HPU and the professors help me with my whole study program and all the classes and possible problems, so I can do many things on the island and can enjoy the rest of my time here. I will especially remember the numerous sunsets, meeting turtles, partying outdoors, the warm sand on many beautiful beaches, the views after scaling mountain peaks, and the fun I had together with my friends.

I am very grateful to HPU for allowing me to do my semester abroad here and live this dream for a few months. It is my recommendation to anyone who wants to experience new adventures and live in one of the most beautiful places in the world for some time.





Bisera ibrisagic 

Denmark, Aarhus University

My experience in both Hawai'i and at HPU has been spectacular! I'm very glad and grateful for choosing to come to Hawai'i and study at HPU. All of the islands have something unique to offer, but especially O’ahu. And I loved how different the learning environment is from back home (Denmark), especially the diversity at HPU; I have met so many great people from all over the world while studying here. I must also thank the amazing professors at HPU who’ve taught me so many great things in just one semester! Mahalo to all of them.

If you consider coming here, do it — Hawai'i is a beautiful, unique place with warm, open, and welcoming people. I did not only experience the Aloha spirit, but I also learned from it and I truly believe we all could learn from Hawai'i and its beautiful culture. I will certainly never forget my time here!

It's true what they say: Hawai'i is a place you fall in love with and never want to leave





Julia guger

austria, university of VIENNA

Studying in Hawaii was one of my biggest dreams. It wasn't always easy but I was able to grow so much from the experiences I made there. One thing I learned in Hawaii is, that there is always a way. I loved all of my courses at HPU and my professors were always very helpful! I swam with turtles, sharks, dolphins, and manta rays. I saw seals chilling on the beach on a casual Monday. I dropped my bag after my courses to go surfing or to the beach. I experienced breathtaking sunsets on the most stunning beaches. I saw the most beautiful flowers and rainbows on a daily basis. I flew in a helicopter above the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen. And the best thing is, that I was able to have these experiences with the best people ever. I found my own little "Ohana" on this island and they are also a big reason why so many moments have become so special to me! I experienced things that made me laugh, cry, speechless... I will never forget these moments and I will remember them for the rest of my life. I will always carry this beautiful island in my heart. Mahalo HPU, Mahalo Hawaii.