Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials



FALL 2018

My semester at HPU was the best experience of my life, no doubt. I got to meet so many great people, in the most beautiful place on this planet. Hawaii has so much to offer, like countless hikes, breathtaking sunsets, pearly white beaches, amazing sea life, and sun, but most importantly so many warm hearts. I have yet to visit a place with a friendlier culture than in Hawai'i. To get to study in such a place is nothing but a blessing. Hawai'i is the most dangerous place to visit, because it is the one place you never want to leave.





Philip Sigurd Kanavin


Philip Sigurd Kanavin

Norwegian university of life sciences (Ås, norway)

Fall 2019 

There is a reason that Hawai'i is called paradise. My four months on O'ahu and HPU have really changed me. I've seen some of the most amazing nature and landscapes, and had been a part of a great learning environment at HPU. Combining all of this with sufing, and hanging out with wonderful people, it created memories for life.





Charlotte Mayr


Charlotte mayr

FH Wien der Wkw (Vienna, austria)

Fall 2019 

It was the best experience I have ever had! It was such a pleasure meeting new people and spending my time here on the island. I enjoyed it so much, experiencing the islands. These memories will always stay in my mind. 










I had the best time ever during my time in Hawai'i and at HPU! I learned so much about myself, Hawai'i and its culture. The Aloha spirit is something I will always remember and carry. I believe that it has to be experienced to truly understand it, but in short, I chose Hawai'i because of its incredible nature and I mean who doesn’t want to go to Hawai'i? HPU had all of the courses I wanted to take and I also liked the size of the school and of course, the location of the campus. The biggest difference from Sweden is that everyone was so polite and nice, and that goes for the teachers as well. In Sweden, it is rare to have as good a contact as the students have with the professors at HPU.







I always knew I wanted to study a semester abroad. It was with disbelief that I found out that I could go study a semester in Hawaii. When I looked into what HPU had to offer, I found the number of international students really appealing. Same with the classes they offered. Studying at HPU changed my whole outlook on going to school. They offer small classes, great and engaging professors and a focus on the individual student that I didn't experience in my home country. I really felt that I was seen and heard and that the professors wanted what was best for the students. I cherish my semester at HPU so much and it's something that I believe that I will benefit from, for the rest of my life.






Sofia Varon

Sofia Varon

Universidad de los andes (Bogota, colombia)

FALL 2019

Studying at HPU was the best, there was huge diversity in regards to the cultures with the ones you shared classes and around campus. The campus is also really nice and well located. Everything was very well planned at the university and the locals were so very friendly. Overall, the experience of living in Hawai'i was the best, you could have great classes with great teachers and classmates, and at the same time, you could discover and enjoy every attraction the island has to offer.






FALL 2017

During my time at HPU, I was able to improve my English skills and experienced an absolutely different lifestyle and culture compared to Germany. I chose HPU as I have never been out of Europe and keen to see new parts of the world. The difference between life in Germany and life in Hawai'i is the opportunities you have to do in nature. O'ahu and the other islands offer so many great opportunities that I have never done in Germany, such as hiking. What I miss about living on the island is the nature, the water, Acai Bowls and Poke Bowls. To me, Aloha spirit means dancing Hula, the Sun and taking life easy. Since I got back from this unbelievable experience in Hawai'i, I changed the way I looked at my leisure time with the vacations I am doing. The world has so much to offer and to experience and life is short, that's why I decided to make some memories like I did in Hawai'i.