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Hawaii Pacific University is the state’s largest private, non-profit university with a student population of more than 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students from all 50 states and over 70 countries from around the world. HPU prides itself on small class sizes, personalized attention for students, and a diverse faculty and student population. 

The Visiting Student Program is created for students who want to spend one or two semesters at HPU. Visiting students will be able to enroll in a combination of classes (depending on their academic level) from courses taught in either our undergraduate or graduate level programs. Undergraduate visiting students typically take 4 to 6 classes and would receive 12 – 17 credits per semester, and graduate students typically take 3 to 4 classes and would receive 9 – 12 credits per semester.

HPU admits students on a rolling admissions basis. There are no set deadlines. That being said we do recommend that you apply for our fall or summer entry terms by June 15th. For spring entry term we recommend that you complete your application by November 15th. This allows adequate time for students to develop a course schedule that fulfils their home university’s requirements.

Why wouldn’t you study abroad at one of the most diverse private institutions of higher education in the United States - where warm beaches and relaxing waters anxiously await you? That is after you finish your studies in some of the most vibrant classrooms on earth. It is what we call Pono, Kuleana and Aloha. These are just some of the valuable lessons that you will learn once you get here.

1. Online Visiting Application

Undergraduates: Includes payment of $45 Application fee and $200 Registration Deposit (Non-Refundable). 

Graduates: Includes payment of $55 Application fee and $200 Registration Deposit (Non-Refundable). 

Click here for instructions on how to fill out the online visiting application. 

2. Send supporting documents to 


Only scanned copy in PDF format will be accepted.


Unofficial transcripts can be accepted for admissions purposes, however official transcripts must be received prior to a student's registration for classes. 

An English language translation of the transcript must be submitted. Transcripts should list all courses taken and should include grades/scores for each subject.


For a list of tests (and associated scores) accepted by HPU, along with a list of reasons for exemption from this requirement, click here.


Download and complete the SFS Form.

- Financial documents must be dated within six months prior to the entry term.


For example, Lånekassen, CSN, SU, BAföG.


Download and complete the Health Clearance Form.

MMR = Measles, Mumps and Rubella - required to register for classes.

Visiting students do not register for classes themselves on Pipeline, Visiting students are block-registered meaning the Academic Advising Office will register you for courses manually, once the Course Request Form has been submitted.



Fill out and submit the following Course Request Form

  • To see which courses have been pre-approved for Visiting students, please click here.
  • To see a list of course descriptions for these pre-approved courses, please click here.

  • To see the Online Course Search, please click here.
  • To see Course Syllabi, click here.



Fill out and submit the following course request form

  • To see which courses are available for Visiting students, please click here
  • To see the Online Course Search, please click here
  • To see Course Syllabi, click here


Courses numbered from 1000 to 1999 are generally freshman-level courses that often have no college-level prerequisites. Courses numbered from 2000 to 2999 are generally sophomore courses, many of which have college-level prerequisites. Courses numbered 3000-4999 are “upper-division” requiring substantial preparation and most often one or more prerequisite classes. Courses numbered 5000-7999 are graduate-level courses, enrollment in these courses is only limited to graduate students.


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