Instructional Media 101

Instructional Media 101

instructional media possibilities

Set the stage with good lighting.

  1. Consider camera and light placement. For the best effect, place both the camera and lighting at or above eye level. This may require placing your laptop on top of a book or two. 
  2. Sit so that the wide-angle lens of the camera is not too close. Webcam lenses can distort the face when placed too close.
  3. Eliminate lighting that will interfere. Watch out for light that will cast shadows or wash out such as overhead light fixtures or side light from windows. Fixing a task-light or desk lamp directly in front will have the best effect. 
  4. Be intentional about the background. People, pets, and other potential distractions should be removed so the viewer can focus on you.  

Use best practices for sound.

  1. Use a speaker or headphones with a built-in speaker. This will help to enhance the sound quality and help to ensure it isn't distorted.  
  2. Test audio before recording. Record a brief clip and play it back to ensure the sound is, in fact, being captured and that it is of acceptable quality. 
  3. Speak naturally and clearly.  Make sure to enunciate and speak with a cadence that isn't too fast or too slow.  

Panopto Lecture Capture

Panopto is our lecture capture software that is integrated within Blackboard.  

Panopto allows instructors to:

  • capture video feeds from any camera and any screen
  • capture multiple feeds simultaneously
  • centralize and stream instructional videos
  • create playlists
  • optimize playback
  • measure student engagement through built-in analytics