Course Mapping Template

What is a course map?

A course map is a visual overview of all of the learning objectives, learning activities, and assessments for a course.  Course maps help to organize a course and to ensure alignment between all core course elements.  Online and hybrid courses are typically broken down into modules that can reflect content chunks or time frames within a course.  Each module should be broken down into core components: module learning objectives, learning activities, and assessments that correspond to the overarching course learning objectives.  

Why map your course? 

Creating a course map is essential to online and hybrid courses because alignment between learning outcomes, activities, and assessments is key to ensuring an easily navigable and intuitive learning path for students.  Mapping out a course this way also provides the instructor with a blueprint to course design, helping to ensure all pieces fit together.  Following are some benefits to mapping out a course:

  • creates a roadmap for the course
  • provides clear expectations to students
  • ensures effective scaffolding throughout the course
  • determines alignments between all core course components
  • ensures manageable chunks of learning

Online Programs and Academic Partnerships created a course mapping template here that instructors can use to map out courses to establish alignment and a clear path to learning.  Don't hesitate to reach out if you would like assistance with or feedback on your course map.