Online Programs and Academic Partnerships

Online Programs and Academic Partnerships

The office of Online Programs and Academic Partnerships was established in 2021 to break through silos across online and hybrid programs, connect with and lead educators across the university to advance distance teaching excellence and create a hub where instructors can learn with and from one another through meaningful faculty development opportunities.  

A fundamental charge of our office is the design and delivery of faculty development opportunities that support online instructors at all levels and that drive transformative practice. Our philosophical approach is one of connection, collaboration, and building community.  As such, we strive to leverage the valued expertise of our HPU instructors as we initiate and implement innovative practices across the institution. 

Online Programs and Academic Partnerships leads and mobilizes the distance learning instructional community.

We support instructors and spark collaboration at the intersection of teaching excellence and innovation. 


In the spirit of Aloha, Pono, and Kuleana, we also strive to:

Lead: provide vision and instructional leadership to advance 21st century teaching and learning

Connect: bring together instructors from different disciplines and experience levels to learn from and with one another

Collaborate: unite educational leaders from across the university and external partners to design, develop, and deliver exceptional distance learning.

Inspire: spark innovation through faculty development opportunities such as online resources, webinars, short courses, and faculty summits