Blackboard Exemplar Courses

Check out these course exemplars for design ideas!

There is no single best approach to the design of an online or hybrid course because instruction is contextual and depends on a number of factors working well together.  The folks at Blackboard recognize the contextual nature of course design, and have identified exemplar courses from a variety of disciplines as high quality given key characteristics such as interaction and collaboration, assessment, and learner support.

The following exemplar course tours take a peek behind the curtain of recent exemplary courses in order to model best practices in course design through a variety of pedagogical approaches.  You'll notice some fundamental similarities throughout, such as course content broken into modules, getting started pages that introduce students to the course, clearly communicated learning objectives, and a focus on meaningful interaction. What is most notable, however, is the unique approaches instructors take to further build their instruction upon that foundation of course design basics. Take a tour of one or more of these courses to spark ideas for your own course design!


Introduction to Writing

Instructional Media & Technology

Disaster Resilience

Employability Studies

Business Law

Precalculus Algebra

Death & Dying