J-1 Visas

J-1 Visas

Academic Training

Academic Training (AT) is a benefit given to J-1 students and allows them to gain practical experience that relates to the field of study indicated on their DS-2019. AT is approved by the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) in accordance with guidelines established by the Department of State. OISS will issue a new DS-2019 for Academic Training which outlines the type of authorization (pre or post completion) and the dates of employment.

A general condition of AT is that the student is “primarily in the US to study rather than to engage in Academic Training.” Therefore, your AT should not exceed the amount of time spent studying.

  • Pre-Completion AT takes place prior to the DS-2019 end date.
  • Post-Completion AT takes place after the DS-2019 end date.

UNDERGRADUATE & MASTERS: An undergraduate or masters level student can engage in up to 18 months or the period of the full course of study, whichever is less.

  • All AT requests must be approved by OISS before employment may begin.

  • Paid or unpaid employment requires authorization through Academic Training

  • Part-time or full-time. Please note that all AT is counted as full time, even if employment is on a part-time basis.

  • Pre-completion or post-completion. AT is used to pursue practical experience in a student’s field of study before and/or after graduation. Pre-Completion AT will be deducted from the 18 months allotted.

  • Academic Training is employer-specific, meaning that students must have a job offer letter to apply. Therefore, self-employment is not permitted.

  1. Complete the Academic Training Advisor Recommendation form, have it signed by your Program Chair (graduate students)/advisor at the Office of Study Abroad and Exchange Program (undergraduate students).
  2. Attach a job offer letter which includes company name, job title, job description, salary (if applicable), company name, employer’s address, supervisor’s name, phone, email, hours per week, start date, and end date.

** Please allow 5 business days to process the request.


APPLICATION DEADLINE FOR POST COMPLETION AT: Post-Completion AT applications must be approved by OISS prior to the end of the 30-day grace period following the program end date indicated on the DS-2019.


SELECTING A START DATE FOR POST COMPLETION AT: The employment start date for post-completion AT must be within the 30-day grace period following the program end date indicated on the DS-2019.

Post-Completion AT requests can be submitted to OISS before the DS-2019 end date. If submitted after, please factor in OISS processing time.


SELECTING END DATE FOR PRE COMPLETION AT: The employment end date for pre-completion AT must be before the end date on your DS-2019. A new application must be submitted for post-completion AT.

Required documents to re-enter the US while on Academic Training:

  • DS-2019 endorsed for travel; travel signature cannot be more than 6 months’ old

  • Valid J-1 visa

  • Valid passport

  • Students are encouraged to carry a copy of the job offer letter and latest pay stub while

    travelling during periods of authorized post-completion Academic Training