Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

If you are taking classes at two or more schools at the same time, you can use your Veteran's benefits to pay for your concurrent enrollment.  We and your other school(s) will need additional information from you to process your VA certification.  Please check below for the situation that applies to you.


If you are pursuing your degree from HPU, then HPU is considered your "Parent School", and you will be considered a "guest student" at your secondary institutions.  In order for the VA Certifying Official at your secondary school to process your certification, you will need to request a Parent School Letter from HPU to be sent to the other school.

This letter verifies that the classes you are taking at your secondary school will be applied to your degree program at HPU.  Remember, the VA will only pay for classes that are required for your degree.

To request a Parent-School letter, work with your academic advisor to complete a “Transfer Credit Pre-Approval Form.”  Here is the link to the webpage:


Pre-approvals may take up to two weeks so please have this process completed early.  When the form is approved, please email the form to and include the following information.  Please note, you will need to make a separate request for each term you are enrolled concurrently:

  • Your name
  • Your student ID @
  • Last 4 SSN or VA file number
  • The VA program (chapter) you are using
  • Your HPU degree program
  • Your HPU academic advisor's name (if known)
  • Other school’s name and address
  • Course(s) taking at other school
  • Dates (or term name) of your enrollment at other school
  • Fax number/attention to send the letter to (if not provided, we will mail it to the school)


If you are pursuing a degree from another school, then that institution is considered your "Parent School" and you are a "guest student" at HPU.  In order for us to certify your HPU enrollment to the VA, we will need a Parent-School Letter from your parent school, specifying that your HPU classes will be applied to your degree program at your parent school.  Remember, the VA will only pay for classes that are required for your degree.

Please submit a REQUEST FOR ENROLLMENT CERTIFICATION FORM for your HPU classes, and contact the school certifying official at your parent school to request a Parent-School letter.  You may attach the Parent-School letter to your certification request, or have it sent directly to:

VA School Certifying Official
Hawaii Pacific University
900 Fort Street Mall, Suite 200
Honolulu, HI 96813

FAX: 808-544-0285


Remember, if you are using the Post-9/11 GI Bill®, you must meet both of the housing eligibility requirements to collect the BAH benefit.  You must be taking classes more than half-time, AND you must be taking at least one class in person (not entirely online). 

You will only receive the housing benefit for the calendar period during which you meet BOTH of the housing eligibility requirements.  If your terms have different start and end dates, please pay careful attention to these requirements and plan accordingly.

The housing benefit of the Post-9/11 GI Bill® is based on the geographic locality of the ZIP code of the school at which you are taking your in-person class, regardless of which school is your Parent school.

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