Any student who officially withdraws from the University for any reason must complete a Withdrawal or Change of Program Form to withdraw from all classes. You are requested to do the following when withdrawing from the University:


  • Obtain a Withdrawal or Change of Program Form from either the Registrar’s Office, Advising Center, Center for Graduate Studies, Options College or respective military campuses location.
  • Complete the form by filling out pertinent information and signing and dating the form. Please include the appropriate withdrawal code from the back of the form and your last date of attendance at the University.
  • Take the form to an academic advisor for approval.


If the withdrawal occurs after the fourth week of the semester, you are required take the form to your instructors.
You “must” take the Withdrawal or Change of Program Form to the Financial Aid Office for signature. The Financial Aid Office will explain the consequences of your withdrawal in terms of refund and repayment and satisfactory academic progress.

Students who fail to complete any or all of their attempted credit hours during any one semester, term or session may automatically become ineligible to receive financial aid. Their eligibility will be reinstated once an appeal request has been approved and/or they are meeting the grade point average (GPA) and completion rate requirements.
After visiting the Financial Aid Office, the approved and signed form should be taken to either the Registrar’s Office, Center for Graduate Studies, Options College or to your military campuses registration location for processing and payment of fees.
The effective date of your withdrawal is the date you enter on the Withdrawal or Change of Program Form in the “Last Date of Attendance” block.

The Registrar’s Office will resolve any conflicts that may arise concerning the last date of attendance reported by the student.
The registrar will verify the date reported by checking the attendance records of the student in his-her classes and/or by determining the last reported date that the student attended an academically-related activity.

No withdrawal is considered to be official unless the proper form has been completed, submitted, and processed by either the Registrar’s Office, Center for Graduate Studies, Options College, or military campuses location.

Hawai’i Pacific University does not require that attendance is taken at the start of the semester/term.
Students who pre-register and apply for financial aid, but decided not to attend, must submit a Withdrawal or Change of Program Form to “officially withdraw” from the University.

Students who register, but never attend class and do not submit an official withdrawal form will be given a grade of “F”.
The enrollment status of these students will be reviewed by both the Registrar and the Director of Financial Aid, at the end of every semester/term (within 30 days).

Those students who received financial aid disbursements in the form of student or parent loans, and who were not in attendance for the payment period, are no longer eligible for the loan(s) and must return the loan funds to the University immediately. If the funds are not returned when initially disbursed, students are required to repay the borrowed amounts to their lender(s) in accordance with the terms of their loans, when notified following the end of the semester/term.

The Financial Aid Office will notify the student’s Guarantee Agency that the student was found to be ineligible for the loan(s) and is in an overpayment status.
Any student who receives a Federal Pell Grant refund, and who is not in attendance for a particular semester/term, must return those funds to the Financial Aid Office immediately.
Otherwise, the student will be in an “Overpayment Status” and will be required to repay the funds to the University on behalf of the Department of Education, when notified at the end of the semester/term.

If the student fails to make the repayment within 45 days of notification by the University, the student will be referred to the Department of Education (DE) for payment.
The student’s eligibility for federal financial aid will be suspended until the overpayment has been repaid.

In all cases of non-attendance, 100 percent of all financial aid funds paid to the University will be returned to the federal program funds from which they were originally disbursed.
You should also follow the procedures mentioned above for adding or dropping courses from your course schedule. You must submit an approved Withdrawal or Change of Program Form to either the Registrar’s Office, Center for Graduate Studies, Options College, or military campuses location for processing and payment of fees whenever you add or drop courses.

All students (including students receiving financial aid) are subject to the university’s refund policy when adding or dropping classes each semester. If a student drops or withdraws from some or all of the classes for which they have registered, students will be responsible for paying all or a portion of tuition and fees based upon the deadlines outlined in the Academic Calendar. In other words, students may drop or withdraw any and all courses for any reason before the semester begins and until the date posted in the Academic Calendar for the applicable term (typically the 8th calendar day after the first day of class) without financial penalty. After this date, a student will owe HPU for tuition and fees, even if they are no longer attending the university.