Title IV Refund Policy

Title IV Refund Policy

All students attending the University on financial aid who withdraw completely from all classes are covered by one uniform federal refund schedule. If a student completely withdraws from school, he or she will be required to return the unused portion of all federal financial aid funds granted for that semester/term.

The unused portion to be returned is based on the number of calendar days completed in the period of enrollment (excluding scheduled breaks of five or more days, and days a student was on approved leave of absence). For example, if a student has attended 30 percent of the semester, 70 percent of the funds must be returned. Once a student has attended 60 percent of the semester/term, he or she is considered to have earned the full amount of financial aid and is not required to return the funds.

Students (or parents for a PLUS loan) may be required to return unearned aid for which the student is responsible by repaying this aid directly to the school or directly to the source (Department of Education).

Note: If a student has not officially withdrawn from a term but has failed to earn a passing grade in at least one course for the term, federal regulations require we determine whether the student established eligibility for financial aid. Eligibility is based on the student attending at least one class or participating in any HPU academic-related activity. If no instructor has issued a passing grade and has not indicated the last date of attendance, the student will be subject to the automatic refund calculation. The student is required to provide proof of attendance or may have part of their federal funds returned.

Students receiving federal financial aid who are considering a withdrawal should go to the University’s Financial Aid Office and discuss their options with a counselor.