Financial Aid for Housing

Financial Aid for Housing



Your financial aid will not pay for the housing application deposit ($400) required by the Housing and Residence Life Office. Once the housing application and $400 deposit are submitted, you will be sent an on-campus housing offer. Once you accept the housing offer, the space will be guaranteed and your deposit will be converted to a refundable security deposit at the end of the housing term.

All documentation listed in your Financial Aid Award must be received to help pay for housing and meal plan fees. If you plan on using the PLUS loan to cover any of your expenses, your PLUS loan must be approved.  Click here for the Parent PLUS application. 

If your award is incomplete by the payment deadline because of failure to submit all documentation or if the amount of award is insufficient to cover the housing and meal plan charges, you must pay the balance due. If you plan on making changes to on-campus housing arrangements, make sure to first refer to the termination policy section of the On-Campus Housing Agreement.


Financial Aid cannot be used to pay the $400 housing application deposit. If you receive aid that will cover expenses other than tuition, you may use any financial aid you have that exceeds your tuition to help offset any personal payments that you make up-front for housing and meal plan fees.



You may use any financial aid you have that exceeds your tuition to pay your off-campus housing charges.
Even though you plan to use financial aid to pay for your off-campus housing and other living expenses, you must be prepared to pay these expenses from your own funds if you have delays in completing your financial aid.
Every student who is living off campus should come to school with enough money to cover the first month’s expenses.
Also, please keep in mind if you are a first-time borrower, your federal loans will not be paid to your account before the first thirty days of school.
If you plan to use financial aid to pay for off-campus housing it is important for you to make sure that you have completed all of your financial aid forms and information at least sixty days before the beginning of the semester.