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Introducing the Pacific Islands Leadership Institute. It’s a service of Hawai‘i Pacific University, bringing Hawaiian values-based leadership training and development into the workplace. Led by the renowned Kumu Ramsay Taum, PILI offers customized presentations, seminars, and interactive workshops for groups of any size in business, government, non-profits and education. The opportunity to work directly with Ramsay Taum has never been more timely, as we emerge from the pandemic looking to reset what we think of as ‘normal.’

PILI programming is available throughout Hawai‘i, the Mainland, and worldwide. Please reach out directly to Ramsay Taum with any questions you may have, or to begin to develop a custom program to renew the practice of leadership within your team or organization.

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The Way of Aloha

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If you have questions, you can reach us by email at hpuNEXT@hpu.edu