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Upcoming Training: Getting Your Business Up and Succeeding in Our Virtual World

Our lives, our customers, our businesses and entire worlds have shifted to this new, exciting, and uncertain
virtual world! So how do you take YOUR business where your customers are? What do you have to consider?
Let alone, which technology do you use?

Join us for this webinar as Jamie helps you consider your business in this new and unchartered world and what
you need to think about as you shift and pivot to our ever-evolving environments. Jamie will walk you through
the key questions you need to ask and consider as you start to move your presence online without losing the
essence and core value of who and what you are. Then, with a solid foundation of how to consider this new
“space”, we’ll walk through the types of the technologies out there today and how each of them can benefit you
not only today but also tomorrow.

Session Date & Registration Info

Attend the upcoming session.

Monday, December 14, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (45 minute webinar with a 15 minute Q&A)

Presented by Hawaii Pacific University in partnership with Hawaii Employers Council

The cost is complimentary.

There is limited enrollment. Sign up now to reserve your spot!

Attendees will leave the session able to:
• Understanding the questions needed to refocus your business in our new virtual environments
• Identify key technologies that are available to their businesses today
• Describe the value of various web-based tools within their own business models
• Consider how they can best reach their customers and even new customers with new channels

Speaker Bio – Jamie Champagne

Jamie Champagne is a small business owner of Champagne Collaborations, where she provides business analysis to tackle organizational change. She has held various positions in the field of knowledge information, business analysis, and information technology. She has worked for organizations such as The Queen’s Medical Center, Hawaiian Telcom, Bank of Hawaiʻi, and the Department of the Navy.

Jamie has been a Management Information System Instructor at Hawaiʻi Pacific University for over 5 years. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Information Systems and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics. Find the solutions you need to advance your business ahead of the competition.


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