Donating to the Library

Books & Materials

The Libraries welcome and accept books and like materials that are relevant to the curriculum or research needs of the HPU community.  A Gift Receipt Form is available at the service desks or online to donors who wish to be acknowledged for their donations.

Monetary Grants & Gifts 

Anyone seeking to enhance the University libraries collections through monetary grants and gifts, may do so at the Giving To HPU website by selecting "Other" from the "Area to support" dropdown menu.  Be sure to write in HPU LIbrary.


The University libraries cannot accept, for environmental and collection maintenance reasons, books and periodicals displaying:

  • Insect infestation
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Significant underlining (pencil or ink) or highlighting marks
  • Water damage
  • Significant deterioration of the paper

Donated books and periodicals displaying any of the above conditions, based on librarian judgement, will be discarded accordingly.

All donors are reminded that the primary criteria for addition of books to the collections used by the University libraries include the scholarly value and physical condition of the book(s).

Acceptable books include:

  • Those that are relevant to the University's curriculum.
  • Contribute to the availability of a well-rounded liberal arts collection.
  • Supplement the principles, concepts, and ideas conveyed in the course subject matter.

The University libraries do not accept donations of textbooks, as well as books marked, stamped or containing other markings identifying them as "Examination Copy" or "Instructor Copy".

The University libraries reserve the right to not add titles already available in the collections unless circulation statistics indicate the need to have multiple copies of the title available.

The University libraries reserve the right to discard unnecessary multiple copies of books as appropriate.

Donation of single issues of periodical titles subscribed to by the University libraries can be used to fill in gaps of the holdings of the title, or replace lost or damaged periodical issues. Use the Periodical List to identify the current University libraries periodical subscriptions.

The University libraries reserve the right to discard duplicate issues of periodicals as appropriate.

Acceptance of a gift subscription to a periodical title will be based upon the scholarly value of the title as well as its accessibility in periodical indexes available in both libraries.

Acceptance of a gift periodical title does not obligate the University libraries to continue the subscription once it has expired.

Faculty who have donated books and/or periodicals throughout the calendar year will receive an acknowledgement letter from the University Librarian shortly after the beginning of the new year. The letter will acknowledge the total number of donated items only. No valuation of the items is provided for tax purposes.

Faculty can assist in the development and growth the University libraries collections and maintain a spirit of giving through the annual University faculty/staff fund drive. Faculty can designate their contribution to the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) challenge grant. Designation of the contribution to the NEH challenge grant will be matched 1:3 and will be used to purchase items for the Humanities area collections.