Graduate Procedures


Report to Aloha Tower Marketplace dressed in your cap and ironed gown at TBA.


Pick up your name card at the Name Cards table. Cards will be in alphabetical order. Check your name card for accuracy, including the spelling of your name, name of your degree, and if applicable, your honors designation.

honors sash
Step 3

If you are receiving HPU honors, proceed to the Honors Sash table to pick up your sash and wear it during the ceremony. If you have questions about your honors designation, HPU staff at the table will help you.

Step 4

Meet with the assigned Name Reader to review the appropriate pronunciation of your name if you believe your name is challenging to pronounce. They will be seated in the marked Name Readers room in TBA.

Step 5

Proceed to your line, which will be indicated by signs. Your name card will indicate your row number and line position number. You must stay in the order indicated on your name card.

Step 6

The processional will begin promptly at TBA. Students who do not participate in the processional will be kept behind and may be unable to graduate with their degree group.

Step 7

At the designated time, your usher will signal you to stand and proceed to the stage. As you approach the stage, you will be directed when to move forward to hand your name card to the card reader so that your name is announced as you walk across the stage. Please note that no selfies are allowed on stage.

Step 8

Walk across the stage to the diploma table for a handshake with HPU President John Gotanda and to receive your diploma cover. Don't forget to smile as your handshake photo is taken.

Step 9

You will exit the stage and return to your seat, directed by HPU staff.

Step 10

The ceremony concludes with the recessional. Graduating students must participate in the recessional. You may leave after the recessional is complete or stay for the student meet-and-greet. Faculty members will attend the meet-and-greet.