Hawaii WWI Centennial Symposium

Hawaii WWI Centennial Symposium

Concluding the Great War: Peace Achieved? 1918-1919

Hawaii Pacific University - Honolulu, Hawaii

June 26-28, 2019



Since 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, it is appropriate to remember those pivotal events with an academic symposium. The State of Hawaii’s World War One Centennial Task Force in conjunction with Hawaii Pacific University and the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, home of the USS Arizona Memorial, will host this event at the historic Aloha Tower. The program will include a unique boat tour of Pearl Harbor’s WWI heritage and a screening of World War I films.

The symposium will focus on events that can be considered as contributing to, or resulting from, the end of hostilities. Details surrounding the Paris Peace Conference which ended the war will be of special interest but any item which occurred during or as a result of actions taken during the last year of the Great War are of interest. Topics could include areas such as:

  • Final military actions of 1918
  • Siberian Intervention 1918-1922
  • Paris Peace Conference & its various activities broadly considered (creation of, logistics for, transportation to/from, deliberations & process, impacts of, etc.)
  • Political or social changes caused by the war/peace process/returning soldiers (spread of nationalism, diseases, anti-colonial efforts, etc.)
  • Military demobilization
  • Civilian rebuilding and humanitarian efforts immediately post-conflict
  • Influence on/creation of Veterans or professional organizations (i.e. American Legion, Military Order of World Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Reserve Officers Assn., National Defense Industrial Assn., etc.)





WWI Centennial Symposium Lodging



 Symposium Schedule

Day 1

Wednesday, June 26th (All presentations in Multi-Purpose Room 3)


Check In & Light Breakfast




Session 1: Setting the Stage – Hawaii during World War I

Navies & Neutrality: 1914-1917

Charitable Activities & Supporting the War Effort

Treatment of German-Americans in Hawaii during the War


Session 2: The Great War & Australian Memory

The Great War, Landscape and Australian Memory




Session 3: Legacy of War – Civil Rights and Chemical Weapons

Racial Violence and the Modern Civil Rights Movement in 1919

Legacy of World War I: Chemical Warfare and the Treaty of Versailles


Session 4: Volunteers & Veterans – Hawaiians in Siberia 1918-1922

A Hawaiian Red Cross Volunteer in Siberia 1918-1919

WolfHounds and Polar Bears in Siberia


Walking Tour of Aloha Tower or Film Option


Opening Reception

Day 2

Thursday, June 27th (All presentations in Multi-Purpose Room 3)


Check In & Light Breakfast


Session 5: Road to WWII – Legacy of the Great War in the Pacific & Versailles

Versailles & German Dis-Armament: A Mistake that Helped Precipitate WWII

World War I’s Pacific Theatre and US-Japan Relations

World War I in the Pacific and its Legacy for WWII and Beyond


Session 6: Impact of the War – Development of National Security & Intelligence

War at the Edge of Empire: Evolution of US National Security Strategy 1900-1941

The Great War: Casting the US Intelligence Community




Session 7: Convergence of Wars at Pearl Harbor

Cleaning up the War: World War I Record of Ships at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7th

Update: World War I National Memorial


Boat Tour of Pearl Harbor’s World War I Legacy (Transportation included)

Day 3

Friday, June 28th (All presentations in Multi-Purpose Room 3)


Check In & Light Breakfast


Session 8: Great War Survivors – Veterans/Service Organizations & Memorials

Origins and Legacy of the Military Order of World Wars

History of Veterans & Service Organizations in the Wake of World War I

Waikiki Natatorium: The Decline of a World War I Memorial


Session 9: A Potpourri of Experiences

Laws of War: Why Germany’s use of Chemical Weapons was felt Legal & Ethical

100 Cities/100 Memorials Program or Film Option


Symposium Closing Comments