2019 Hawaii Marine Debris Action Plan Research

July 25-26, 2019 at Hawaii Pacific University Makapu’u campus



1)  Communicate and share Hawai'i based research projects and results from a variety of scientific perspectives

2)  Update and reassess research priorities set in 2017 HI-MDAP Research Workshop

3)  Identify research gaps and resource needs


Hosted by: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Marine Debris Program, Hawaii Pacific University, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Food and refreshment provided by: Tiki’s Grill and Bar, Morning Brew Coffee, Down to Earth, and Da Spot



Presentation titles link to videos of the presentations


Day 1-July 25 th 2019

Morning Welcome: Brenda Jensen and Mark Manuel

Coastal Cleanup Efficiency-lessons learned from decades of volunteer removal efforts: Megan Lamson

 Marine Debris Research and Initiatives and IPRC: Nikolai Maximenko

  Plastic Ingestion in Healthy Albatrosses Incidentally killed in Hawaii Fisheries: Michelle Hester

 Marine Debris Mobile Recovery and Conversion Technology: Keith Flitner

 Winged Ambassadors-Marine Debris Education using Seabirds: Ilana Nimz

 Garbage In, Marine Debris Info Out- Doing the dirty work of image analysis using machine learning and citizen science: Miguel Castrence

 Chemistry of Plastic Marine Debris-CMDR’s Capabilities and Applications: Jennifer M. Lynch

 Plastic Ingestion by Central Pacific Hawksbill Sea Turtles: Melissa R. Jung

  Marine Debris Polymers on Main Hawaiian Island Beaches, Sea Surface, and Seafloor: Kayla C. Brignac

 Consideration of Environmental Costs of Plastic Marine Debris Recycling, Especially in Island Ecosystems: Carl J. Berg

 Accumulation and Separation of Shoreline Marine Debris through Buoyancy: Ray Aivazian III

 NOAA Marine Debris Program Research Priorities: Amy Uhrin


Day 2-July 26 th 2019

►  Plastic Ingestion by Marine Birds and Predatory Fishes around the Main Hawaiian Islands: David Hyrenbach

 Microplastic Accumulation Patterns at Three Hawaiian Beaches: Nicolas Vanderzyl

 On the Potential to Understand and Document Accumulation and Effects of Microplastics and Debris in Convergence Zones around Oahu: David Field

 Chemical Weathering and Additives in Plastic Marine Debris in the Hawaiian Islands: Joelle Marchiani

 Plastics Invade Larval Fish Nurseries: Jonathan Whitney

 Testing the Chemical Compatibility of 15 Marine Debris Polymers in Sample Preservative and Digestion Treatments: Rachel Sandquist

 Bonin Petrels (Pterodroma hypoleuca) Indicate Plastic Pollution around the Northwest Hawaiian Islands: Lauren Chamberlain

 Ocean Voyages Institute Pacific Gyre Cleanup: Mary Crowley

 Education and Policy- What works to reduce cigarette butt litter on Maui?: Jens Currie

 Plastics and Microfibers in the Environment: Sarah-Jeanne Royer



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