Student Activity Fee

Student Activity Fee

Funds from the Student Activity Fee (SAF) are allocated to organizations such as Campus Activities Board, Student Government Association, Recognized Student Organizations, Student Activities and HPU departments to support student initiatives, activities, services, and resources that enhance the student experience at HPU.  We want students to take advantage of the many opportunities that will be available at HPU because of the Student Activity Fee. We encourage you to participate and be involved!


SAFAC convenes to consider requests from recognized student organizations and departments/offices as long as funding is available. The committee normally meets once to twice a month during the fall and spring semesters (but not during the summer or winter breaks). As such, requestors should review the SAFAC handbook and complete the Funding Request webform as soon as possible in order to have enough time to plan, promote, and execute their plans. The SAFAC Chair (or a SAFAC member) will send an email message to the requestor to confirm receipt of the request. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a mandatory and non-refundable fee charged to undergraduate and graduate students registered for one or more classes on the main campus each semester. Military Campus Program students are excluded from being charged this fee. The fee is used to fund major campus events planned by the Campus Activities Board, recognized student organizations, Student Government Association, and departments who reach out to the entire student body. 

Is a non-refundable fee that is assessed to the students noted below:

Full-time undergraduate: $60.00/semester

Part-time undergraduate: $35.00/semester

Full-time graduate: $35.00/semester

Part-time graduate: $23.00/semester

The funds are allocated as follows, but subject to changes:



12% - student activities office (D.E.I.B, Health and Wellness, Graduate and professional student council)

10% - REgistered Student Organizations



2023-2024 Members

SGA Student Body President: Justin Alday

SGA Student Appointees TBD

Faculty Representative: Lisa Chuag

Staff Representatives: Brandon Childress, Steven Fenster

Dean of Students: Deonne Yeager

Director of Engagement: Robyn Serge

Assistant Director of Engagement: Tian Robinson

Assistant Director of Engagement: Dyson Chee


Alternate Representatives

Dean of Students: Vacant

Faculty: Maria Levy

Staff: Vacant

Student-at-Large: Vacant