Registered Student Organizations

Registered Student Organizations

RSOs are student-led organizations that pursue a diverse range of goals and interests. By creating, joining, or engaging with RSOs, you are taking a new level of ownership over your college journey. RSOs provide an opportunity to discover and develop your personal leadership skills and style; build a greater sense of community, belonging, and purpose for yourself and your peers; and design your own real world experiences beyond the classroom.


If you don't see what you are looking for, stop by the Office of Student Engagement to create a club! 

RSO Categories

Clubs that further the content knowledge and experience in an academic field or professional area. 

Currently active clubs

Engineering Club


Neuroscience Club

Pre-Health Club

Public Health Student Association

Student Nurses Association

Clubs that manage and spread information between an individual, organization and the public. 

Clubs that further the progress of an idea or initiative for the community at large in the state of Hawaiʻi (social justice, advocacy).

Clubs that celebrate, educate, and communicate the nature of specific shared identities and experiences such as race, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religious affiliation, and disability, visible or nonvisible.

Currently Active Clubs

Black Student Union

Christian Student Organization

Filipino Club

Gender Equity Movement

Hui Koni (Hawaiian Advocacy and Lei Making)

Latino Student Union

Queer Student Alliance

Clubs that promote or educate associated members and/or the community about environment-related causes. 

Currently Active Clubs

Leaders for a Sustainable Future

Clubs that are founded around film, publications, media and/or visual art or whose mission/purpose further the content, knowledge, or experience of these areas. 

Clubs that promote or educate associated members and/or the community about fitness and wellness. 

Clubs that encourage or promote gaming culture. 

Clubs that celebrate, educate, and communicate the nature and individuality of a specific culture or nationality.

Clubs that teach and perform a variety of dance, music, theater, and other performing arts classes. 

Currently Active Clubs

Theater Club

Clubs that promote service or who provide service to the community.

Clubs that encourage social interaction around a shared interest or theme.     

Currently Active Clubs

Fashion Club

Nā Manō ʻO Ke Kai (Outrigger Canoe Paddling)

Student Activity Fee

Funds from the Student Activity Fee (SAF) supports student initiatives, activities, services, and resources that enhance the student experience at HPU.

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