Applying for Housing

1. Submit Your Intent to Enroll Form and $200 Enrollment Deposit

2. Submit Your Housing Application and $400 Housing Deposit*

  1. For Spring 2018 Only and Summer 2018 Only
    1. Starting October 16, 2017 - all students
  2. For Academic Year 2018-2019
    1. Starting March 1, 2018 - all new first-year students
    2. Starting May 1, 2018 - all new transfer, graduate and visiting students

3. Return Your Signed On-Campus Housing Agreement & Acceptance Form**

 No later than two weeks from date of offer letter - all students

4. Receive Your Housing and Roommate Assignmeny prior to start of the semester

*On campus housing inventory is limited. If your housing application is received, and no housing is available, you will be informed within three business days.

**After submission of your housing application, a housing and meal plan agreement form will be sent to your HPU email account. Until this agreement form is submitted, your housing is not confirmed. Due to limited housing inventory, you are encouraged to sign and submit your housing agreement form upon receipt.


How to Apply 

Step 1 - Log into HPU PIPELINE

Step 2 - The Housing Module is on the right-hand side of your home page.

Step 3 - Click on the Housing Application Link.

Step 3 - Follow the steps to complete your application. Make sure you submit your application in Step 12.