Database Usage Policies

The Libraries' databases, eBooks, e-journals and other licensed materials are provided for academic research for the exclusive use of currently enrolled Hawai'i Pacific University students and currently employed faculty and staff. These license agreements prohibit sharing content with anyone not currently enrolled or employed by the university, including HPU alumni. The clauses in the license agreements supersede the "fair use" provisions in copyright law.

Although license agreements do vary in specific details, there are common responsibility clauses that appear in all, as well as general rights that we seek to negotiate into the license agreements. It is your responsibility to understand what you are allowed or not allowed to do when using a particular database.

Usage Policies

As an authorized user, you have the right to search the database, view the results and to extract (by e-mailing, printing, or downloading) limited data or articles for personal academic use only.

You do not have the right to systematically extract material from a database or to extract a substantial amount of material. Downloading entire issues of a journal or entire collections of data, for example, is a violation of the User Agreements.

All User Agreements specifically prohibit sharing the licensed material in the database with non-authorized users. This means that you may not e-mail or send a copy of an article or other material to a friend or colleague at another institution.

You may not post licensed material on your web site.

You do not have the right to use the licensed material for commercial purposes.

You do not have the right to remove, modify, or obscure copyright notices or other notices and disclaimers.

Violations may result in the publisher terminating access to the database and pursuing legal action against HPU.