History College of Liberal Arts


The history major at Hawai'i Pacific University provides students with a solid foundation in the field of historical studies and its methodologies. It offers broad exposure to the past, chronologically and geographically, through a required sequence of courses studying in-depth American, Asian, European, and Pacific histories. The major's capstone course is a seminar resulting in a major piece of research and synthesis. The history major develops skills and a base of knowledge to prepare the student for graduate study in history. It also enables one to pursue careers drawing upon competency in research, writing, analysis, comparative perspectives, multicultural sensitivities, foreign language ability, and related skills relevant for managerial positions in a variety of changing markets.

HPU’s diverse student population, multicultural environment, and location at the center of the Pacific Rim make it an ideal place to study history from a global perspective. Students take classes about the histories of various regions of the world, as well as courses with a comparative or thematic focus. Our campus is within walking distance of some of the most important sites in Hawaiian history, such as the Iolani Palace.


Students who major in history will:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of diverse historical viewpoints.
  • Place historical questions and issues of enduring importance within their chronological and geographical contexts.
  • Gain an historical understanding of cultures and regions of the world across time.
  • Recognize the nature of global processes, as they operate in an historical framework, through the study of global systems such as capitalism, gender, warfare, religion, etc.
  • Demonstrate critical analytic and reasoning skills.
  • Effectively and clearly communicate historical ideas both orally and in writing.

  • Application
  • Transcripts
  • Personal Statement
  • $45 Application Fee
  • SAT I or ACT Scores (freshman only)
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Resume


A History degree from HPU prepares students for careers in business, government, journalism, education, law, public interest fields, and a wide range of other professions. Students develop strong investigative, analytical, and communication skills applicable in a wide range of careers, and acquire the flexibility to adapt to the changing marketplace and to expand professional opportunities.


  • American Studies
  • Diplomacy & Military Studies
  • Gender & Women's Studies
  • History
  • International Studies
  • Political Science