Student Learning

HPU has leveraged technology to assess both its Institutional and Program Learning Outcomes. We are committed to communicating these assessment results in a way that is efficient, user-friendly, and truly meaningful for all our stakeholders (faculty, staff, prospective students, parents, employers, board members, donors, accreditors, and the general public).

To this end, HPU has acquired and launched student learning outcomes assessment software to assess student achievement of the WSCUC core competencies: critical thinking, information literacy, oral communication, quantitative reasoning, and written communication.

In Fall 2016, HPU launched its first, campus-wide initiative designed to assess written communication in general education and capstone courses. During the academic year 2016 – 2017, faculty collected 283 artifacts of authentic student work.

In Fall 2017, each college convened an assessment committee to sample and score these artifacts. These college-level committees normed their evaluations to a common rubric adapted from the American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Written Communication Rubric. 

In Summer 2018, HPU will  close the loop on the written communication assessment results by engaging in a thoughtful discussion of the aggregated and disaggregated  findings and by examining the implications of these results for continuous, quality improvements to the curriculum.

In Fall 2017, HPU launched an oral communication project at the Annual Assessment Day event as the second in a series of annual assessment projects. The Academic Assessment and Program Review Shared Governance Committee coordinated the random sampling of oral presentations from general education and capstone courses,.

In Spring 2018, faculty collected student artifacts, using cutting-edge, lecture-capture software. Faculty members participated in rubric norming sessions, using a rubric adapted from the AAC&U's Oral Communication Rubric, to prepare them for live scoring of presentations in face to face classes as well as scoring of archived submissions from online courses.

In Fall 2018, HPU will launch its third, campus-wide initiative designed to assess critical thinking  in general education and capstone courses at its annual Assessment Day event.

In Spring 2019, faculty will collect student artifacts and participate in rubric norming sessions, using a rubric adapted from the AAC&U's Critical Thinking Rubric.

Additionally, each degree program conducts annual assessments of their program learning outcomes. Using accountability management software, they have created digital archives of their mission, program learning outcomes, and curriculum maps, along with annual assessment plans that assess student learning of program learning outcomes. Each program carefully analyzes these assessment results, reflects on the findings, and develops action plans for curricular improvement. These efforts are punctuated by a five year self study internal and external review process.