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Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP)


The staff of the Office of Sponsored Projects facilitates the grants and contracts workflow for faculty members and staff here at HPU. Over time we will populate these web pages with all of the proper forms that are required to process your grant proposal submission. And we will help guide each of you in the steps you will need to secure a grant or contract.

OSP is working on improving our various processes.  One of the more significant items that we have discovered over time is the “receiving of invoices” from Deans, faculty, and/or administrative officers.  All of this created a bit of a mess for the three of us.  So, in keeping with our quest for increased efficiency, OSP is asking that you begin to use the following email accounts to upload, query, and/or comment.  The three new email accounts are: 

  1. Preaward-grants@hpu.edu
    Please use the above email account to upload, and communicate with the OSP staff on any aspect of your pre-award process. This will include sending in additional (required?) forms, budgets, OSP forms, or general pre-award dialog.  Each email will be placed in the “working que” of an OSP staff member.
  2. General-grant-information@hpu.edu
    Many HPU staff members and faculty members ask questions about the “grant submission process” each week… just about grants and contracts in general!  So, that the OSP staff can address all of these questions, we are asking that if you have a question… use this email account to ask your questions… we will get right back to you!
  3. OSP-grant-invoice-processing@hpu.edu
This email account is reserved for grant-related staff members [PIs, Deans, and/or administrative personnel] that need to submit an invoice. DO NOT send invoices to specific staff members inside of OSP – please send any and ALL invoices to the above email address.


Thank you very much for your continued cooperation… these new email accounts will help OSP and you gather and discriminate information smoothly and efficiently.

Mark Yabui

Contracts and Grant Manager (interim), Office of Sponsored Projects