Deans Council

The mission of the Dean’s Council is to collaborate with the Office of the Provost, to maintain a professional environment in which ideas can be translated into action, and to share in the academic governance of the University.

The deans of the colleges, the dean of the College of Extended and Interdisciplinary Education, and the Faculty Assembly Chair (or a designated representative) are organized into an Academic Council which is chaired by the Provost. The Dean’s Council meets regularly throughout the academic year to oversee the administration and planning of academic, curricular, and faculty matters. The Dean’s Council works collaboratively with the Faculty Council and university-wide departments and committees. The Dean’s Council is responsible for the preparation and delivery of the following:

  • Academic calendar
  • Revision of University catalog
  • Course schedules
  • Planning need for new faculty
  • Student evaluation of teaching
  • Planning resource development
  • Classrooms and offices
  • Faculty support services
  • Faculty workloads
  • Faculty hiring plan
  • Faculty development
  • General education course coordination
  • Academic policy proposals