Roger Kadala Ph.D.

College of Professional Studies - Department of Public Service


Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela. Currently living in Honolulu, Hawaii.since 1987.

Professor Kadala holds graduate degrees in Physics (PhD-2011, MS-2001) from the University of Hawaii, Mathematics (MS-1974, ABD-PhD) & Engineering (ME-EE-1972) from New York University, Law(1983) from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello Caracas and Applied Mathematics (ABDScD-1978) from the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

He has been teaching at the University level, both graduate and undergraduate, since 1972 in universities worldwide, (Hawaii Pacific University, 1987- Asst.Professor 1992-2014, Senior Lecturer 2014- ; University of Hawaii system, 1991- retired 2017; Universidad Central de Venezuela, 1972, 1974-82; Universidad Metropolitana Caracas, 1974-76; Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, 1972). He teaches upper-level courses in mathematics, physics & astronomy, computer science, engineering and international business.
A former jet pilot, with over 11,000 jet flight hours, in DC-10, DC-8
, Lear, Gulfstream and Citation aircraft, including several years of flight status in Air Force One aircraft for various world leaders outside the US.
An active waterman, having successfully completed numerous Ironman Triathlons (1983-1992), and several individual Molokai Channel crossings (1994-97,2000), and competing in open ocean paddleboard races. Management experience as continental area manager for flag carrier airline (VIASA), and executive director for import-export corporations worldwide.

Currently his interests are in Number Theory, Operator Theory & Quantum Mechanics, High Energy Physics (Supersymmetry) &Quantum Cosmology (Dark Energy & Dark Matter). Applications of Quantum Algorithms to Number Theoretic Problems. Research papers in Supersymmetry published in EPJC-(08/2008) and SUSY- 2011.

Graduate/Professional credits completed:
University of Hawaii (Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Oceanography & Meteorology
252 cr.),
New York University (Mathematics-72 cr., Engineering-36 cr.),
Universidad Central de Venezuela (Applied Mathematics-36 cr.),
Universidad Catolica Andres Bello(Law-72cr)

Taught over 1900 credits, undergraduate/graduate in Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Engineering and International Business.

Courses taught in the last seven years include:
Complex Analysis, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics & Group Theory, Probability & Statistics, Real Analysis, Vector Calculus, Integral/Differential Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Mathematics of Cryptography, Modern Physics, University Physics, College Physics, Survey of Astronomy, Evolution of the Universe, Algorithms, Assembly Language, Electric Circuits, Engineering Dynamics, Business Statistics, Mathematics for Decision Making, College Algebra.

Developed course in Quantum Computing for HPU for AY 2019_20. Curriculum Vitae listing of Academic and Professional experience: Academic:

  1. University of Hawaii: From spring-1991 to Fall-2011 includes graduate credits obtained in Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Oceanography and Meteorology, continuously, 6 credits/semester, with the following degrees awarded:
    Ph.D. in Physics, in Supersymmetry (12/2011).
    MS in Physics (08/2001).

  2. Universidad Catolica Andres Bello (UCAB), Caracas: Fall-1974 to Spring-1979, Law studies, degree awarded: Abogado ( Attorney) in 1983.

  1. Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), Caracas: Fall-1974- Fall-1978, doctoral studies in Applied

    Mathematics(Theoretical Mechanics). Completed requirements for ScD..
  2. New York University:

    College of Arts and Sciences: from Fall-1971 to Summer-1974, graduate studies in Mathematics at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (CIMS), completed all requirements for Ph.D. except for dissertation., with following degree awarded:

    M.S. In Mathematics (06/1974)
    School of Engineering and Science: from Fall-1967 to Spring-1971, studies in Electrical Engineering with following degrees awarded:
    M.E. in E.E. (02/1972)
    B.E. in E.E. (02/1971)

  3. High School:
    Colegio Americano (1966-67), Colegio San Agustin (1965-66): completed 2 years of HS in Venezuelan system, which required an additional year, so I did not graduate.
    Miami Military Academy (1963-65): completed 9th 
    and 10th grades, which is why I only did 2 more years in Venezuela before attending NYU.


  1. Hawaii Pacific University (1987- ): Assistant Professor of Mathematics until 2015, currently a Senior Lecturer., teaching all levels of undergraduate in Mathematics, and also Physics, Astronomy, Computer Science, Engineering. Also, graduate courses in the MBA/CSIS programs.

  2. University of Hawaii system: (1991-2017) Lecturer in Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy.

  3. Martinair-Holland (1988-89): DC-10 flight crew, flying cargo/pax worldwide, based in Amsterdam.

  4. VIASA Airlines (1978-87): DC-8, DC-10 flight crew, DC-8 Air Force One flight crew (1980-81) with tours to OPEC countries (Algiers, Lybia, UAE, Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia) and to (Vienna, Paris, Nice, Strasbourg). Also, Area Manager for North USA and Canada.

  5. Corporate Pilot (1976-84): flying as Captain, several jet aircraft. Over 11,000+ jet flight hours total between items 3-5.

  6. UCV (1972;1974-1980): Profesor Agregado (between Asst. and Assoc.) teaching both graduate and undergraduate courses in Mathematics.

**Note: After retiring from UH in 09/2017, I have been using the time to expand my knowledge in the following fields:

1. Developed course in Quantum Computing scheduled for AY 2019_20. Research in Quantum Information Theory, specifically in Entanglement & Decoherence, Witness Operators.
2. Number Theory & Elliptic Curves. In March/2018 I presented a Seminar on an original paper titled
“Necessary Conditions for the Sum of Squares of Integers” at Ft. Meade, MD. At the seminar I established that before publishing, I would try to create a quantum algorithm that would carry out the conditions in the paper.
3. Signals & Systems, I have been updating my knowledge in this area.

Roger Kadala

Senior Lecturer

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